Must-Listen Podcasts for Self-Development

When I first decided to seriously dedicate myself to daily self-improvement, the first thing that I learned was that the most successful and influential people dedicate a portion of their day to education. Whether it was reading a book or watching a documentary, they would commit a portion of their day to study.

It can seem unfruitful to commit time to study amidst our busy schedules, but there are ways to multi-task. I usually put on a podcast or video while I’m getting ready in the morning, sometimes even in the shower.

Podcasts are an efficient way to learn and self-improve. Maybe play it while you’re driving, cooking, or commuting. It can also help if you set a time goal, like thirty minutes, and there are a hundred different ways to reach this thirty minute goal.

The following are the best scripted, produced, and maintained self-development podcasts that I listen to. Their episodes range from 10-45 minutes, or more. Try one or two of them to decide if these podcasts are the right match for you.

1. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is named after a YouTube channel of a similar name, run by Aileen Xu. Aileen brings different professionals into the realm of creativity, entrepreneurship, beauty, and lifestyle to share their stories and offer advice on how you can be an “artist of life” on your own.

I found the podcast after subscribing to the Lavendaire YouTube channel, and sometimes when I don’t have time to sit and watch a twenty minute video of Aileen’s, I can simply listen to it. A plus is that her voice is so calming that you’ll be totally relaxed while tuning in.

This podcast is intended for a broad spectrum of ages. Some podcasts are for college students while there are podcasts for older individuals in the midst of their careers. This is my favorite podcast and the one I most wholly support and suggest you try and subscribe to.

2. Taking Back Your Power with Isabel Palacios

Also a YouTuber, Isabel Palacios runs a channel with the same name as the podcast where she talks about the Law of Attraction, manifestation, self-love, and esteem. She is one of the first self-development gurus that I found long before I had decided to commit to self-development.

Taking Back Your Power is fairly new. Isabel posts every two weeks or so, so it’s not as frequent as The Lavendaire Lifestyle but it is as impactful. Isabel always uses examples of things she’s implemented in her life over time to break down the fright of self-development.

Isabel posts more regularly on her YouTube channel with other self-development gurus, so if you want more up to date material, you can just as easily listen to one of her videos.

3. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Hopefully you have heard of Marie Forleo before, but if not, Marie Forleo is an American lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, author, and web television host of Marie TT. She also runs the B-School.

The Marie Forleo Podcast is one of the only podcasts I suggest that is not solely self-development related. It does deal with self-development but more from the perception of entrepreneurship and career. Even though she has had guests talk more abstractly about confidence, discipline, and motivation, the podcast covers money, career, self-development, fear, and all that you can think of that has to do with entrepreneurship and career.

I recommend this podcast for those who seek more of a concrete advice to specific areas in your life that you are in need of. Marie Forleo also has a YouTube channel that I absolutely love and she usually does thirty minutes plus interviews with well-known faces like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Brené Brown. Marie’s podcasts tend to be a bit on the shorter side, so I recommend watching her full-length videos when you can.

These are the three podcasts that I listen to and watch daily that have inspired me to achieve more of what I want in life. These are equally powerful women (no matter what you identify as) have great advice for you no matter where and how you might be struggling.

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