The Power of Apologizing

Every relationship has its ups and downs. There are bound to be arguments whether it’s over something small like dirty dishes in the sink or something more serious like unearthed lies. In the heat of the moment you may be completely certain that you’re right and your significant other (SO) is wrong. As time passes, you might begin to wonder if you were, in fact, correct. While you’re reflecting, don’t let the argument just simmer away. Those feelings don’t just disappear even if the argument does. Apologizing to your SO has significant benefits for a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Below are four reasons why you should tell the one you love, “I’m sorry.”

1. It shows you care.

Being the bigger person isn’t always easy but it shows that you care about how your SO is feeling. If you know you’re wrong or even if you simply realize that you hurt their feelings, an apology will go a long way. It will start to mend the wrong that you may have caused. Showing you want them to feel better is the first step in actually making them feel better.

If you don’t apologize, this gives your SO the message that you care more about your pride than you do about them, and that you care more about being right than about fixing the situation. Forget your pride and make sure your partner knows that they come first.

2. It will make you feel better too.

While apologizing after an argument can make your SO feel better, it will also make you feel better. When one knows they’re wrong, it makes them feel uncomfortable and everything around them becomes irritating. Once you utter the words of apology, it will release this tension not only between you and your partner but also inside of yourself.

It feels good to resolve conflict and move forward. Doing the right thing may be hard but it will make you feel better once you’ve done it. If moving past the argument is what you want, both you and your partner need to feel like the situation is resolved.

3. It helps refine your communication skills.

By apologizing, you will open the door to a deeper conversation; one that is gentler and more open than an argument tends to be. Once you apologize, you and your SO will be able to truthfully talk about what is on your hearts. What the argument meant to you and why you argued so heavily for your opinion.

Apologizing will allow the opportunity to practice good communication skills. By talking about the argument, you are adding protection from a similar argument happening again. Apologize and listen to what your SO has to say. It will help when the next argument arises because you will have built up strong communication skills.

4. Sets the right tone for when you are right.

There will be more arguments in the future. It’s inevitable. Going with the natural odds, there are bound to be times where you’re the one who is right and your SO is wrong. By apologizing for your mistake now, it sets the right tone for your partner to apologize when they are wrong.

By apologizing, you are setting up the future of the relationship. You’re showing your SO that apologizing for being wrong is important. The saying is true: treat others how you want to be treated. If you want your partner to apologize to you when you’re right, apologize now when you’re wrong.

Apologizing isn’t always easy, especially when you fought so passionately in the argument. The benefits are abundant though, so pack away your pride and reservations and be the bigger person. Your SO and your overall relationship will thank you in the end.

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