Ways to Elevate Your Mood

No one likes to be in a bad mood, but ultimately, it’s unavoidable. They can be brought on by stressful days, frustrating relationships, or even simply out of nowhere. Bad moods are hard to shake off, often tainting an entire day. However, being upset doesn’t have to be something that you have to wait out. There are four ways to shake a bad mood and get back to feeling good.

1. Listen to upbeat music.

At first, this will feel like torture. There’s no greater opposition that tears at us from the inside out than listening to upbeat music when you very much don’t feel happy. Just stick through the first song and the effects will start to take hold.

Listening to upbeat music will help pull you out of your funk by tricking your brain to believe that you’re happy. The messages in each song will start making you think about other things besides what’s upsetting you. It’ll put a little groove in your step after moping around.

2. Go for a walk.

It’s always a good idea to take a moment away for just yourself. This will allow for contemplation and time away from whatever situation is bringing you down. Take this time to think about why you are upset and how you can fix what’s wrong. Maybe this time will show you that the cause of your bad mood isn’t all that serious after all.

Going for a walk is a great way to get some fresh air, movement, and a new perspective on your day. Don’t just stay inside and relive the bad moments until your bad mood gets worse. Let yourself release the tension by spending some time in nature.

3. Talk to someone.

It’s not always easy to talk about feelings and emotions, especially when those feelings are negative. However, talking with someone about why you’re feeling down will really help you move on. Bad moods are often defined by holding things inside and letting them boil. Telling someone how you’re feeling and why can really help release this tension.

Letting someone else in on the situation could also present a solution to your bad mood. Maybe they know how to fix the problem or have encouraging words that make your day brighter. A bad mood is not something you have to try and fix alone. Friends and family are there to help you feel better.

4. Do something that you enjoy.

Bad moods usually make doing anything feel awful but doing things that you enjoy will help shake off this feeling. Whether it’s playing with your dog, painting, or going for a run, doing something you love will make you feel better. These activities will help remind you that not everything is bad and that there are good reasons to turn your bad mood into a good one.

Doing things you enjoy will also distract you from why you are upset. Instead of dwelling in the bad, being active will turn your mind on other things. Once you are out of that head space of a bad mood, it’s hard to go back, especially when you spent time doing something that makes you genuinely happy.

Don’t let a bad mood destroy your day or even your week. It shouldn’t have power like that. Take matters into your own hands to help yourself feel better. Be mindful of your actions and thoughts and a good mood won’t be as far away as you think.

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