Places to Visit During a Staycation

Vacations are a great way to unwind from a hectic year of work or school. However, flying to an extravagant beach doesn’t always fit in the budget or schedule. When this happens, you end up being stuck at home, in the same place you’ve been while the hectic year took place.

Staycations may sound boring. What else is there to see in a place you’ve lived for years? But when done right, staycations can be just as meaningful and refreshing as a vacation thousands of miles away. Below are four suggestions that will make you feel like you’re really on vacation.

1. A Fancy Restaurant

When on a staycation, don’t just go to the same restaurants you usually visit. This will add the excitement of trying new things, which is something you would be doing on a vacation. Branch outside of your habits and find a restaurant with high quality food and a great ambiance. Treat yourself to a meal that’s more expensive than usual. The money you saved by staying home needs to be used somehow, right?

To go the extra step and make great memories, get dressed up. Put on a fancy dress or a nice suit and go to a fancy restaurant. Doing what is out of the ordinary will pull you out of your rigorous routine and allow you to unwind and have fun.

2. Get a massage

The biggest part of going on vacation is unwinding and treating yourself. Getting a massage is a great way to do just that. It will allow you to feel pampered and literally allow your muscles to relax. Give yourself that time to be doted over and your needs met without you lifting a single finger.

Don’t think about work or school or what you will have to get done after the staycation is over. Allow your mind to wander to other things, happier things. Even picture yourself by a beachside, with the sounds of waves splashing nearby as the knots in your shoulders are massaged away. Give yourself this time to really disconnect from all the demands of life and just relax.

3. Visit a Monument

No matter how big and important or how small and ridiculous, visiting a monument or museum will give you the cheesy feel that comes with vacation sightseeing. Try not to visit a place you have already been to. You wouldn’t do that on a vacation.

For something fancier, try an art museum or gallery. For something more fun and witty, try something along the lines of “biggest rubber band ball” or something that feels completely random. The fun comes with seeing something you’ve never seen and becoming a tourist even though you are in the place you live. Act as if you don’t live there at all and go see something new.

4. Spend a night in a hotel

It may sound ridiculous but spending a night in a hotel can really help you disconnect from the duties of your life. Maybe it’s only down the road but sleeping in another bed will force you to get out of routine and trick your brain that you are on vacation.

Stay up late watching movies. Order room service. Take a long, hot shower. This is your time to lay around and relax. When the morning rolls around, sleep in. Only then should you treat yourself to the provided breakfast. Getting out of the house and spending some time away will make going home feel welcoming, just like it would if you were flying back home.

The places you visit on a staycation don’t have to be anything spectacular. Simply treat yourself to a good time doing things you normally don’t do. It is very possible to relax, unwind, and make memories right at home. You just have to pick the right spots for you.

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