Being Romantic Doesn’t Always Need a Hefty Price Tag

Love is beautiful, but can come at a price. Literally, at times.

The good news is that romance doesn’t always have to leave you with an empty wallet. The nights out on the town for a dinner or show, not to mention lavish gifts, can become expenses that you can avoid over time with your significant other. There is nothing wrong with trying to stay frugal and thinking about and planning affordable and inexpensive dates. Whatever the reason might be for choosing to cut back on costs, there are plenty of ideas that you can act on to not only save money, but have fun with your partner.

1. Enjoy a local park.

Take a blanket and make something simple to enjoy at the park. A picnic is not only an intimate setting, but a great way for you and your partner to enjoy a change of scenery; of course, you’ll want to make sure the weather is picnic friendly. However, even a walk in the park can constitute for a fun date. Hold your partner’s hand for that extra ounce of intimacy and explore the park together.

2. Hike together or discover a new scenic trail.

If you and your partner want to take it a step further, find a landmark or scenic park built with trails that you and your significant other can traverse. The journey of sightseeing and pushing each other to new heights is the perfect adrenaline rush for your relationship. Together, you and your partner can climb mountains or reach new horizons.

3. Have a homemade meal.

Find a quick and cheap recipe on Pinterest, or anywhere else on the internet. Take a grocery trip to get the ingredients needed; you can even make it a team effort by including your significant other in your shopping trip, if possible. Prepare the meal together and have fun with it. Make memories in your kitchen by working together to create something delicious.

4. Go for a drive anywhere.

Perhaps you and your partner prefer to get out of the house for a bit, but hiking or going to a park isn’t your thing. Jump in the car together and discover a part of town neither of you have seen before. It isn’t the destination, but the journey itself that matters. Your goal is to make memories, and a car ride together will allow you to converse and explore.

5. Netflix or Redbox.

Why not stay in and have a movie marathon instead? You can also find a series you and your partner are mutually interested in and binge it while cuddling on the couch together. If you prefer to rent a movie in the traditional sense, then you and your lover can take a trip to the nearest Redbox and go from there. Let it be a moment for you and your significant other to escape from the real world for a bit, and all in the comfort of your home.

6. Have drinks at home.

A bar doesn’t always have to be first on the priority list for date night. Not to mention the fact that bars can get a little pricey. Finding your favorite alcoholic beverages and enjoying them together at your place can be just as fun as a night out on the town. Add music for a relaxing vibe and date night is all set.

7. What matters most.

You can save money and be romantic as well. If you can find that balance for your relationship, you can create lasting memories and leave a little extra money in your wallet. Love is beautiful and worth every moment, but terms of endearment do not have to always be expensive. Find what works best with your significant other and add these inexpensive date ideas to your list of things to do.

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