How to Have an Inner Glow Up

In the last couple years, the idea of a glow up has been trending on social media. A glow up is defined as an incredible transformation that mainly focuses on overall attractiveness.

Most people who try to undergo a glow up are somewhat aware that inner growth is important as well. But there’s something to be said about the fact that each step of most glow ups focus on the outer appearance.

If the term glow up means to transform oneself in a significant way, then there’s a whole lot of work that must be done on the inside to achieve it. Below are a few ways to focus on the inner part of the glow up.

1. Set boundaries for yourself.

In pursuing outward success, you could be stretching yourself too thin. For example, you might agree to work extra hours at your job despite knowing that you have other commitments. Agreeing to go out with friends even if you don’t have the funds is another example of over-promising. Accepting things, even if they’re to your detriment could be a sign that you need to establish boundaries.

Boundaries are guidelines or limits that you can establish in order to identify reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for other people to behave towards you. You could establish boundaries by voicing your need for physical space or voicing that you occasionally need time to yourself. Setting boundaries also makes it clear on how you’ll respond if someone passes those limits.

Establishing boundaries is not a form of confrontation, instead it promotes honest and respectful communication that helps to strengthen relationships. Voicing your needs as well as your limits will help you to cultivate an environment that is conducive to incredible growth.

2. Let go of things that aren’t holding onto you.

It’s easy to remain on a path that’s not meant for you simply because it’s familiar. The problem with this habit is that holding onto something out of fear prevents you from pursuing your interests.

For instance, if you’re a student, you might be nervous about changing your major to something you’re more passionate about because you believe it would mean you wasted time in your previous major. This is not the case. Every path you take is valuable, whether you outgrow it or not, because it reveals what truly matters to you.

When considering the path you’re on, ask yourself if you’re pursuing it because you genuinely want to or because you feel pressured in some way. Knowing that something isn’t meant for you doesn’t mean that you should quit your job right away, drop out of school, or react drastically in some other way. But having an awareness of your desired path makes it so that you can make incremental changes to turn that into a reality.

It’s not easy to admit that you’ve outgrown something nor is it easy to let go of things that aren’t meant for you. But by doing so, you not only show remarkable maturity, but you also invest in the future you desire.

3. Focus on your mental health.

No matter how put together you look on the outside, if you’re not well on the inside, then you can’t make transformations for the better. Even though it’s important to take your life into your own hands, there are times when seeking professional help is necessary.

If feelings of anxiety or sadness begin to interfere with your daily life, that might be a reason to see a mental health professional. You might be able to function relatively well on a daily basis, but these negative emotions should not be ever present features in your life.

Going through significant life changes, whether they be positive or negative, can be stressful. Therapy sessions can be helpful because they often include methods to manage stress and other negative emotions. While friends and family can be great support systems, there is only so much advice they can provide.

Therapists are better able to address your unique needs without the bias that a person you’re close to might have. If you’re in an unhealthy mental state, it can be incredibly difficult to pursue the things that bring you joy. A mental health professional can help you to self-reflect and delve into your current thoughts and feelings.

When pursuing an inner glow up, it is essential to trust yourself and always keep your mental well-being at the forefront. At the end of a glow up, you should feel like you have undergone a significant positive transformation in your life. This has to include the internal as well as the external, otherwise the transformation will only be surface level.

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