5 Things To Do in Tucson, Arizona

Traveling may be one the farthest things from your mind right now because of the pandemic. But once the world has reopened and it does become a priority to you, a city gem in the Southwest you shouldn’t miss is Tucson, Arizona.

Though it can be underrated and stereotyped as an “Old West” type of feel, there is much more to Tucson than meets the eye.

A Little Bit About Tucson

Nestled in the mountains of the Sonoran Desert is the city that is home to the University of Arizona. Tucson is a blend of natural beauty and a growing metropolis, thriving with everyone from college students to retirees. The population of both rural and urban areas surpasses 1 million. Though summers can be a brutal time of year, Tucson doesn’t seize to amaze.

So, what exactly can you do in Tucson, Arizona? That all boils down to your interests. But here is a quick overview of fun you can have in this bustling desert city.

1. Hiking Trails

Tucson does not fail to offer breathtaking scenery. There truly is nothing quite like watching the sun set over the mountains, with cacti casting shadows over the landscape. There are hiking trails and scenic views dedicated to this.

Sabino Canyon and Bear Canyon combine to create a special treat: the Seven Falls Waterfall. It is an oasis in the desert. Saguaro National Park is also a common destination that lives up to its name of offering views of the variety of cacti that only exist in the Sonoran Desert.

2. Unique Museums

If you explore Tucson, you can find the Pima Air and Space Museum. It is dedicated to the history of aviation and boasts a huge collection of aircrafts and fun facts to discover. Its website states that it is “one of the largest non-government funded aviation and space museums in the world.” There are museums dedicated to art and the desert itself.

Another unique museum is the International Wildlife Museum, which provides education about a variety of animals, insect species, and their natural environments. Displays are filled with life-sized replicas and are a sight to see! The Tucson Children’s Museum, Tucson Museum of Art, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum are favorites as well.

3. Historic 4th Avenue Downtown Tucson

A popular location for Tucson natives is the Historic 4th Avenue. During the day, local businesses and artists provide life to the city. You can find a unique souvenir that has a taste of Tucson in any one of these shops.

At night, 4th Avenue becomes a lively nightlife setting with bars and eateries ready to cater to those looking to have a good time. It is hub of entertainment for party-goers alike.

4. Fine Dining and Cuisine

It is no secret that Mexican foods come in abundance to Tucson. Even President Clinton couldn’t resist eating at a local restaurant called Mi Nidito. You can order the dish he had, dubbed as “The President’s Plate.”

If you aren’t afraid to get a little messy and want to try a little bit more of an Americanized dish, then Silver Saddle Steakhouse is sure to satisfy. A full rack of ribs and custom salads even caught Adam Sandler’s attention.

A chain of restaurants unique to Tucson is Eegee’s. From grinders to salads to ranch fries, it consists of a menu that appeals to your taste buds. What’s unique about this restaurant is that they have their own personalized drinks called “eegee’s,” that are made frozen with real fruit, with each month hosting its own distinct flavor.

5. Casinos & Gambling

Perhaps you want a sample of Vegas, so to speak. Tucson offers several casinos to take your pick from. Casino Del Sol is popular, with a picturesque ceiling made to feel as if you’re  outdoors. Be prepared to play and enjoy! Almost every casino in Tucson offers its own hotel to provide the best accommodations. The Desert Diamond Casino is another resort in Tucson that offers grand entertainment.

What are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and head to Tucson, Arizona and get a mix of everything- from natural beauty to city favorites. Let the Sonoran Desert capture your heart!


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