3 Quarantine Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and many of us are used to treating our loved ones to brunch, a spa day or a get together of some kind. But because of the stay-at-home orders that have been set in place all over the country, this isn’t an option at the moment.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still let your loved ones know how important they are to you in creative ways. Within this list are a few ways that you can celebrate Mother’s Day no matter the circumstances.

1. Subscription Gifts

Now is the perfect time to get addicted to a new book, TV series or podcast. You know your mother better than anyone else so why not recommend a new story and gift her the subscription to access it. If your mother is a book lover, an Audible subscription or Kindle Unlimited are perfect gifts.

To make it more personal, recommend a book that you love and think that she’ll love too. If she’s been a little stressed lately, gift her a subscription to a meditation app like Headspace or Calm, or both. If you love watching movies together, a streaming subscription is a perfect gift.

Even better, you could watch a movie that you both love while talking over the phone or even using technology like Zoom which allows you to video chat with loved ones. You could also send your mom a gift card so that she can buy herself some snacks to munch on while you watch together.

2.  A Mother’s Day Parcel

There are numerous Mother’s Day subscription boxes available online but due to the huge demand for delivered gifts, it might be easier to make one yourself. The staples for a Mother’s Day parcel are tea or coffee, skin care, and fancy chocolates.

If you were planning on treating your mother to a spa day then this box is a perfect way to do so. You could include candles, essential oils and even a fluffy robe. Even if the package doesn’t arrive on time. Another beautiful touch that you can add to your Mother’s Day parcel is a print bouquet.

Ordering flowers and having them delivered at the moment is nearly impossible but websites like Etsy have an abundance of beautiful pressed flower prints and even pressed flowers in elegant glass frames.

3. A Personalized Video

If you fear that your Mother’s Day gift will arrive a little late, a video is a perfect way to let your mother know that you were still thinking of her. Anyone would appreciate a video where you voice all that they mean to you. Something virtual because everything that you order is going to come late.

Film yourself making a recipe she taught you, or singing her favorite song, anything to let her know the wonderful effect that she has had on your life. It doesn’t have to have a high production value but if you have any editing software, adding in music and effects can give the video a nice touch.


In this time of uncertainty, there is a lot to be fearful of but there is so also much to be thankful for. This means it’s more important than ever to let your mother know how important she is to you in any way you know how.


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