6 Ways to Practice Kindness While Social Distancing

Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” His words couldn’t ring further from the truth.

During a time when many of us are experiencing fear, worry, and stress, to name a few emotions, an important feeling we should be feeling is kindness. Kindness creates peace and unity in the world. Though most of the world is practicing the act of social distancing, it is important to continue being kind to one another.

Have you initiated an act of kindness lately despite being under quarantine? Do not be discouraged if you haven’t done so. Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, where even the simplest act resonates a lasting impact.

Don’t know where to get started? Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Order online groceries for someone.

If you know of a person who cannot make it to the grocery store, why not get their groceries for them? Popular apps such as Instacart or Amazon can help you do that without leaving your home. It means more than just filling a stomach or a pantry. During these stressful times, calling for an online grocery delivery comes from the heart and can be the ultimate act of kindness.

2. Crafting masks for others.

More than just a recent online trend, mask crafting is an act of kindness as well. Taking the time to gather materials and begin sewing masks is selfless. It can be creative and they’re very useful. Once you deliver the masks to their intended owners, you have practiced making the world a healthier and safer place.

3. Thank an essential worker.

Sadly, not everyone can afford staying home as the government has labeled them as “essential” personnel. This goes beyond medical workers who are at the forefront, risking their lives every day to combat the Coronavirus. If you know of someone who cannot quarantine now, thank them from a distance if need be or virtually, and let them know their work is greatly appreciated.

4. Buy a meal for someone.

By now, you may have encountered the inventory decreasing in grocery stores and supermarkets. Or perhaps you can barely afford groceries for yourself, let alone buy someone else’s. The simple truth of the matter is that though the economy, as well as humanity, is struggling, it could mean the world to treat someone out to lunch who has been questioning whether they will have their next meal. Leaving a lunch by their door is more than enough.

5. Lend an ear to someone.

Many of us are overwhelmed with a mix of emotions during this uncertain time. Our mental and emotional health is just as important to maintain as with everything else in our lives we are facing. Make a phone call, yes, an actual call, to your loved ones. When they answer the phone, genuinely ask them how they are and take the time to listen to them. Kindness also includes checking in on those we love and care about.

6. Go out and make an impact.

There is no better time than now to put Ronald Reagan’s words about kindness to use. Incorporate it into your life and embed it in your heart. Go out and be kind in the world! 


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