4 Reasons Lamenting is Important

During a time where many things are being taken away such as school, work, internships, and vacations, it can be hard to process everything.

Sometimes the easiest way to address our sorrow is to not address it at all or to even fool ourselves that we aren’t upset.

However, it is important to allow yourself time to grieve. Below are four reasons why lamenting is not only important but healthy.

1. Bottling it up will hurt more.

As a rule of thumb for most people, bottling up emotions can be easier or more natural than addressing them. There’s this commonly held misconception that the dull pain you feel in your chest will go away if you don’t acknowledge it altogether.

But this doesn’t, in truth, make the pain go away. It only gives it time to grow and fester inside of you.

One day the pain will demand to be acknowledged and after so much time building inside of you, it will hurt much worse. Often this looks like outbursts of emotions that you can’t control, and emotions that can even hurt those around you.

It’s best to address the pain now at the level it’s at before you make it multiply into something unrecognizable and uncontrollable.

2. Accepting grief fuels growth.

If you pretend you don’t feel any pain at all, you’re allowing the cause to disappear in vain. Grief is one of the many elements of life that can cultivate the most character growth.

By allowing yourself to accept the pain you feel and by putting in the work to mend it, you will learn significant life lessons.

Not only life lessons in general, but by navigating pain promptly, you’ll understand how to navigate it later when it happens again, because it’s a part of life. Yes, accepting pain is going to hurt but it will only build you into a stronger person you couldn’t have been without it.

3. Real connections can be made.

When you’re deep in grief, it’s normal and can be easy to imagine that you are alone, and that no one can possibly understand what you’re going through. However, there are people out there that can relate to your pain. It may not be the exact situation you have experienced, but they will  have gone through similar occurrences.

By allowing yourself time to lament, you are also opening yourself up to create deep and meaningful relationships with others.

If you allow your pain to be felt by sharing it with others, it won’t just be helping you, but it will also be helping them. Strong friendships are formed by having such deep conversations, and they’re ones that allow both parties to bond over a pain they share.

4. Feeling the pain helps it go away.

The key goal in refusing to lament is to make the pain go away. The only way to do that is to allow the grief to be felt.

It’s only when you face the source of the heartache head on that you will begin to be able to heal. There’s no out running it or hiding from it.

It will hurt to navigate the pain as you try to understand it, but the effort will be well worth it. You’ll finally be able to put it behind you and accept that you’ve addressed all you need to. There won’t be anything hanging over you anymore and that’s all because you allowed yourself to lament.


Lamenting can be hard when it just feels like you let yourself dwell in the grief. However, lamenting is the fastest and healthiest way to overcoming the pain.

There are many life lessons in the different painful aspects of life, and lamenting will allow you to use that pain and blossom into a significantly stronger person.


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