Power of the Checklist: Pursuing Goals During/After the Pandemic

Let’s face it: there is temptation to eat ice cream and binge watch your favorite shows or movies on Netflix these days. During a pandemic that has triggered self-isolation, it often feels like there is nothing wrong with that once in a while, either.

But there also is plenty of time to buckle down and focus on what matters most to you. Now is the perfect time to take a piece of a paper and a pen to craft a list of some of your goals.

Remember all the things you said you wanted to accomplish but never quite got around to doing so? Why not do them now? Add them to a to-do list that you can visually see and go from there.

They can range from small goals like exercising a little more, to big goals that will take time. Here are 4 ways checklists can come in handy for pursuing your goals, especially amidst a pandemic.

1. A checklist provides focus.

It is easy to fall into the trap of jumping from one social media site to another for hours and allowing to clutter things in your mind. Sometimes it can feel as if there is nothing else to do during this pandemic.

But you can use that time more productively by marking off goals from your personal checklist. When you’re able to see the goals written down in front of you, it will begin to marinate in your mind, so to speak.

Scientific studies have proven that a written checklist can train your brain. In an article called, “How Writing Down Your Goals Will Increase Personal Success Tenfold,” Josh Carlyle states, “You’re 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down on a regular basis.”

This will provide clarity and generate focus, which are vital to helping you get things done. Get to writing that list and notice what a difference it can make!

2. It reminds you that there is more in store for yourself.

It isn’t easy to accept the idea of quarantining and social distancing, let alone incorporating it into your everyday life. But just because it may feel like the world has come to a standstill does not mean all you aspire to accomplish must also come to a halt.

Never lose sight of your goals! Maintaining a checklist of your goals provides you with purpose, and that will help you pull through some of the toughest days during this pandemic. Look back on your list daily and reflect on what you need to continue doing to not only survive, but to thrive as well.

3. You can continue chasing your dreams, even when things begin to normalize.

A checklist is a powerful tool that can establish good habits. In the earlier mentioned article, Josh Carlyle also mentions “habits drive performance.”

Once you get into the routine of writing down your goals, you will notice how much easier it becomes to maintain your list over time. You can remind yourself, “If I can do this now, I can do this in the future.”

And there is nothing truer than that! Review your list and modify your goals over time so that once the pandemic begins to slow down, you can be ahead of the game with your personal achievements.

4. A list of goals provides you with a sense of pride.

You can admit it to yourself that crossing off a goal you’ve completed is enough to make you beam with pride. Indulge in that good feeling! Keep that motivation and drive yourself to keep achieving goals.

That mental and emotional boost is beneficial for your health and is a factor in getting you through this pandemic. Hopefully you’ve been inspired by now to write your list of goals and utilize the power of checklists!


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