5 Intentional Ways to Prepare for an Interview

Whether you love them or hate them, interviews are an important part of the job hiring process. We all know that they can either make or break you, which it makes it vital to prep for an interview with intention, strategy and optimism in mind.

1. Meditate before the interview.

One of the most overlooked acts when prepping for an interview is the moment of silence before you start. Meditating before an interview can center your mind and may give you a much-needed sense of peace.

You want to enter the interview space with an open mind and positive energy to be able to perform at your best level. Interviews can be very stressful so it also important to avoid any unnecessary stress directly before the interview.

2. Be Elevator Pitch ready.

The most common question used by interviewers early on is “Can you tell me about yourself?” It is important that when you’re asked this question, you give an answer that will start the interview off on the correct foot so that it can positively shape the interviewer’s perception of you. Consider sharing your achievements in your previous positions in detail, your career aspirations and why you feel that you’re a great fit for the position you’re interviewing for.

3. Confidence is key!

It is important to have some level of confidence so that your skills and experiences are highlighted. You want to give off the feeling that you have the expertise and knowledge to excel in the position.

No matter how good you are on paper, if you’re not able to properly sell yourself with confidence, it may be difficult for the interviewer to truly be sold on you. Mastering confidence can be tricky, so you want to ensure that you are also alluding a certain level of humility.

4. Be aware of non-verbal communication.

Be aware of your body language throughout the interview so you can avoid falling into the common traps of which ones to avoid. Remember to keep consistent eye contact because you want the interviewer to feel that you are confident and focused.

Be sure to look alert and engaged when the interviewer is speaking and don’t be afraid to nod when necessary. Avoid off-putting gestures such as crossed arms, stroking your hair too much and putting your head in your hands.

5. Don’t panic with the tough question(s).

No matter how prepared you are, there may be a question in the interview that trips you up. When this happens, it is very important to remain calm and to not show any signs of uneasiness. Try to take a deep breath and remember to remain confident.

Before you respond, consider asking the interviewer to repeat the question in order to buy time so that you can calm down. If you’re able to, take a sip of water because it will naturally cool you down if you’re getting hot with anxiety.

In a lot of cases, your interviewer is cognizant of the tough questions and wants to see how you respond to stress/pressure in real time. Once you have relaxed a bit, try to pull from your preparation for the interview and answer the question as best as you can.


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