The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Workout

Having the perfect workout playlist is essential to get optimal energy and to focus whether you’re running in the gym or doing at-home stretches.

It can be difficult to construct the perfect playlist that checks all the boxes, including an order that makes sense, a great selection of genres, and song messaging that motivates and include all of your favorites. But rest assured, it can be done.

1. Start strong!

The song at the very beginning of your workout playlist will set the tone for your workout so it is imperative that you pick something that will both inspire and motivate you to begin.

Consider picking that song that you’ve heard a lot on the radio and can’t seem to get out of your head. Try to recall a familiar song from your childhood or a song you associate with a positive time in your life. Songs like these will be sure to get you pumped for what’s to come in your workout and set a positive foundation for it.

2. The Genre

There’s no right or wrong genre to pick for your workout playlist.

Some people make it a point to listen to pop music because of it’s upbeat while others may love the mellow vibes in R&B songs. If you limit your playlist to one genre, the repetition in the songs may have the potential to bore you.

Which is why, alternating between genres can positively shift your mood and help to refresh your energy when working out. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

3. Get motivated!

Don’t forget to sprinkle your own version of motivation throughout your playlist, whether it be slow songs, interludes, or short speeches. These types of art are perfect to listen to when you’re taking a breathing break or drinking a sip of water between workouts. For example, words of wisdom from your role model in a podcast may give you the push you need to return to your workout in full force.

4. A Different Type of Song

It can sound scary at first but don’t be afraid to include songs you’re not familiar with in your playlist. Working out is the perfect time to try out the newest songs because the fresh sounds have the unique ability to keep your mind and body alert.

This sense of new energy may inspire you to try something new in your workout or something you’ve been putting off because it seems difficult.  Now is the perfect time to give the latest album or song from your favorite artist a listen.

5. End on a high note.

The end of your workout is the last chance you have to dig deep and push yourself. Although you’re probably super sore and ready to give up, saving your all-time favorite song for the end will give you the final push to see your workout through.

This should be a song that you can sing along to and zone out subconsciously. By the time you’re done with your workout, you’ll be in a great mood and feel extremely proud of all that you’ve accomplished.


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