Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions on Wellness

Wellness is a multidimensional, individualistic process. It is a never-ending journey to better understanding yourself and your body. Everything that we do and feel contributes to our well-being which is why it is important to understand what it is and what it isn’t.

It has countless benefits when approached appropriately. Because wellness consists of so many different things, there are bound to be misconceptions surrounding it. Below is a list of misconceptions that may be hindering your path towards optimal well-being.

1. Wellness is one-dimensional.

Before I started writing for Reflect and Refresh, I had my own biases surrounding health and wellness. I really only thought of health and wellness as focusing on your physical health when in reality it is so much more than that.

Here at Reflect and Refresh, we focus on the six pillars of wellness: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational. All of these pillars have a pivotal role in health and wellness. While one’s physical health may be exceptional, if they’re struggling in any of the other categories, their overall health is going to suffer.

In order to be the best version of yourself, you’ll want to thrive in all areas of wellness.

2. Wellness is one-size-fits-all.

Everyone’s body is different and complex and therefore, a one-size fits all approach to wellness and all aspects of health will only end in disappointment.

All of our paths to optimal health look different and require different approaches. While a gluten-free diet may be what is best for your friend, it may not be what is best for you.

As you embark on your journey towards a better, healthier you, pay attention to what makes your body feel good. Whether that be exercising three times a week or six times a week, do what makes you feel the best.

3. Health and wellness are the same.

Wellness and health differ in that health is a state of being and wellness is the state of actively living a healthy lifestyle.

But it isn’t simply the state of being without illness, but rather an ongoing process of change and growth that results in a better state of wellbeing in all aspects of life. Although there are many things that we can do to keep up our health, much of it is out of our control. Whereas wellness is always a matter of choice.

Each day we’re given the opportunity to practice ways to better ourselves. Though we can’t completely rid our lives of everyday stressors, we can make decisions to better react to them.

4. There are shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts to wellness because wellness is a lifelong journey. Wellness means making the conscious choice everyday to be the best version of yourself and to work towards a great state of well-being.

There isn’t one vitamin or one exercise that will provide you with everything that you need. Foster growth in every dimension of wellness and you’re sure to see improvement.


As stated before, wellness is an ongoing journey and everyone’s journey is different. It isn’t something to achieve, but a lifestyle to adopt to be your happiest and most authentic self.


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