Places to Volunteer to Help Yourself and Your Community

Volunteering has great value because not only are you making a contribution to your community, you’re also satisfying a need for fulfillment outside of work.

No matter how much you love your job, there’s a level of stress that can be counteracted with other activities, such as volunteering. The diversity of volunteer opportunities means there’s a lot of ways to relieve stress, build friendships and foster new interests.

There are so many organizations’ that could use your help and that you could benefit from as well. Within this list are a few volunteer opportunities that are worth pursuing.

1. Museums, Art Centers and Music Halls

Artistic environments are a great place to volunteer because they provide an effective way of learning where the materials are right in front of you.

Supporting the arts is always great because they are if you’re a person who loves art and conversations about art it can be refreshing to be surrounded by people who share the same passion. It can also be very fulfilling to foster that interest in a younger generation which you can do if you volunteer as a docent or as part of youth art programs.

When you volunteer at art centers you often get free tickets to shows. Seek help in planning events openings as well as day to day operations.

If you’re looking to be successful in any business these are useful skills to learn but they can also help you in your day to day as they promote creative problem solving.

2. Local Libraries

Libraries are an essential public service but many are at risk of being defunded. Libraries foster an interest in reading as well as free computer access. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities such as assisting with children’s craft projects, assisting with clerical work, and helping patrons with technology.

Many libraries also have summer reading programs and some even have summer feeding programs wherein you serve meals to children in need. Volunteering at a library will help you to appreciate how essential these services are not only to patrons but the entire community.

3. National Parks

Being surrounded by nature is a meditative experience that we often miss out on in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.

If you have the opportunity to spend extended periods of time outdoors grab it with both hands. And why not help maintain such spaces while you’re out there?

Most parks have a variety of jobs that one can do from hands on ones like removing weeds and clearing trails to more logistic jobs wherein you engage community interest in the park.

4. Write letters to the elderly.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of elderly people living in nursing homes who can’t have visitors. Sending a letter to someone might seem like a small act but it can make someone’s day.

There are a multitude of centers that are asking for letters such as The Jewish Pavilion of Central Florida and Phoenix Assisted Care. This is an act of kindness that you can volunteer to do without even leaving your home.


If there’s a place you’re interested in but don’t want the headache of clocking in and clocking out try to find out if volunteering is an option. Doing things with no expectation of a paycheck can be incredibly fulfilling and your focus changes to the good you’re doing rather than the reward you can gain.


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