Saying Goodbye to Summer and How to Have a Smooth Transition Into the Fall Season

Even though this summer was not what we expected, the end of the season always signals a new chapter. We associate the fall season with getting back to work and bracing ourselves for a busy few months until the holidays.

Because of the pandemic this year, saying goodbye to summer may be even harder since you may have not been able to do everything that you had planned.

It’s important that you don’t look at the end of summer as an ending, but as a beginning to do better and focus on ourselves and our goals. Here are some tips for saying goodbye to the summer so you can be prepared for the fall.

1. Write down what you enjoyed this summer.

Maybe you didn’t get to go on that big family vacation like you had planned or you had to cancel the cross-country trip with your friends. Even so, there are probably still some things that you were able to enjoy this summer.

Perhaps you spent one full day outside by the pool, lounging around with your dog. Or maybe you had many successful Netflix parties with your friends. Whatever the case may be, think about everything you did this summer and, in a notebook, write down what you enjoyed.

It can be as small or as big as you want. The purpose of this exercise is to remember the good things that happened in the past few months and situate your mindset into a positive one.

2. Jot down your goals.

I look at the autumn season as a new beginning, a time when we go back to school or re-enter work in full force.

And with all new beginnings, I like to write down things I want to accomplish over the next coming months. It can be anything regarding relationships, career, finances, or other personal ventures.

Pick a day and take 15 minutes to sit down and think carefully about how you want the fall season to look. Perhaps you’re eager to finally get a promotion at work. Write that down and underneath that, write down some steps you can take in order to reach that goal.

This task is about picturing what you want for yourself, so you can be as specific or as vague as you like, whatever you think will be the most helpful.

3. Check in with loved ones.

This has been a hard summer for all of us, so a lot of us might’ve spent the last few months retreating from the outside world. That’s okay.

It is perfectly alright to take some time for yourself and limit your interactions with others. However, with the new season upon us, I suggest thinking about a few people you haven’t talked to in a while and reach out to them.

Ask them if they did anything particularly fun in the past few weeks or ask if they have any goals in mind for the fall. Take this time to really reconnect with people you care about.

Even if it’s only been a few weeks since you talked to a person, it never hurts to check in and see how they are doing with the change.

4. Pick up an activity.

The end of something means the beginning of something new, so why not take that newfound energy and channel it into something fun?

Maybe you picked up a new hobby during the summer, but then forgot about it once everything became busy. Well, it’s time to revisit it and try again.

The fall season conveys an expectation of being busy, but we can always set aside some time to do something we enjoy. Whether you want to keep baking, learn how to play an instrument, or create a podcast, now is the time to do it.

Find something that does not add stress but gives you an escape from your everyday life. By incorporating something fun into your daily routine, you’ll retain that sense of energy as you go through the fall season.


It may not have been the summer we expected, but it was certainly a summer that we will all remember. Saying goodbye to school vacation, barbecues, and family time can be difficult, so try these steps to help ease the transition into fall and get ready for the months ahead.


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