5 Ways to Have the Perfect Self-Care Sunday

Sundays are often viewed as the day of rest. It’s a day when we’re supposed to relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for the week ahead.

However, as a goal-oriented culture, we don’t tend to implement boundaries between our personal and work life, so a day that is meant for rest turns into a day of playing catch-up or getting ahead.

If you want to embrace the spirit of a self-care Sunday, try incorporating these activities.

1. Morning Meditation

I am a firm believer that meditating in the morning prepares you for a more intentional day. People meditate in different ways: it can be done in a yoga session, over your morning cup of coffee, or in your journal.

Find what works best for you and just take five minutes out of your morning to set the tone for the rest of the day. Think about what you hope to accomplish through the day and how you want to feel.

By taking time out to breathe and be in tune with your thoughts, you can create a fresh and healthy mindset that will stick with you for the whole day.

2. Get physical!

Working out might not sound like something you want to do on a self-care Sunday, but trust me, it certainly helps. Self-care is about nurturing and tending to your mind, body, and soul, and exercising improves all of these.

Whether it is a quick jog around the park, a Pilates session in the morning, or an intense HIIT workout in the afternoon, try to incorporate some sort of workout into your day. Exercising is known to increase the production of endorphins, which leads to an increase in positivity and a decrease in feelings of pain.

Regular exercise is also known to lift your mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety. Even if you dread the idea of working out, you will find that you feel much better after exercising.

3. Clean your space.

A lot of people might view cleaning as a chore, but in reality, cleaning your space on a Sunday can help you feel like the day, and the week ahead, is in order. I am not suggesting breaking out the mop and doing a deep clean of your house every week.

In order to reap the benefits of a clean space, all you really need to do is organize the part of your house that you use the most or that gives you the most stress during the week. Oftentimes, this will be your workspace.

Do some light dusting, throw away old papers, and organize your desk. By having a clean space, you will begin your Monday with a sense of calm. Plus, you will feel productive on a Sunday without overdoing it.

4. Mute work notifications.

This one might be the hardest step for some people. A lot of times, we view Sunday as the day to catch up or get ahead on work, but I urge you to take a step back from it on this day.

Don’t check your work email all day and log out of it if you need to. Put your phone on “do not disturb” and walk away. Take the necessary steps to make sure that you won’t be alerted by anything that pertains to work and enjoy the work-free day ahead.

5. Indulge in one thing.

Have you been meaning to watch that one movie on Netflix, but haven’t had the chance? Or have you been craving ice cream all week, but tried to show restraint? Well, I say that Sunday is the day that you do the one thing you’ve been wanting to do all week.

By indulging in one thing on Sunday, you are giving yourself a little treat for the previous week and incentive for the week ahead. Whether it’s time for yourself or getting takeout from your favorite restaurant, do something that you know will make you happy.

Self-care is not complete without a little indulgence, just remember to not go overboard. It’s all about moderation.


If you want to set the intention for a good week ahead, try to incorporate self-care as a regular part of your Sunday. By taking the time to do something special for yourself, you will be mentally and emotionally prepared to take on whatever the week brings you.


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