5 Emotional Benefits to the Morning Run

It’s no secret that the way you start your day will set the tone for what’s to follow. The infamous “morning run” is undoubtedly known for its physical benefits such as calorie burning and muscle toning. While there are many powerful physical benefits to starting your day off with a run, the emotional benefits are just as important.

1. It can boost your energy.

If you’re not really a morning person, a good run in the morning may give you the much-needed energy to tackle the day. As you run, your mind is constantly being pushed to give your body the adrenaline it needs to continue. Once the run is complete, those feelings of high energy don’t just disappear – they stay with you as you go on to complete daily tasks.

2. It can motivate you to set and pursue goals.

Do you enjoy personal competition? Do you thrive by surpassing your own personal achievements? Well, you can also challenge yourself to increase your distance or shorten your running time periodically as you develop your morning run routine.

Whether you run for 10 minutes or one hour, your morning run is likely to give you a sense of achievement early on in the day. This unmatched feeling of achievement hopefully will motivate you to continue doing great things.

3. It can help clear your mind.

If you have a lot on your plate, it’s not uncommon to wake up feeling a bit overwhelmed when thinking about all the things that need to get done in the day. However, starting the day stressed or in a negative mood helps no one.

Running may help to alleviate some of your personal stress whether it stems from work, relationships, family etc. The morning run allows you to essentially clear your mind of stressors and start your day feeling refreshed – rather than feeling beat down at the start of the day.

4. It can be very self-soothing.

If you’re struggling with regular self-care, the morning run may be the perfect remedy. Running by yourself in the morning will allow you to check in with yourself mentally and emotionally.

It is also a form of self-care that is inexpensive and doesn’t require too much. This can be your designated time to spend quality time with yourself and relax on your own terms. Practicing self-care regularly is a key element of productivity.

5. You will have a chance to experience nature’s blessings.

Waking up early to tackle a run in the morning will allow you to experience nature at its best. Depending on where you live, waking up early for a run may give you the unique opportunity to hear the birds chirping and to experience the outdoors without interruption from others. This can give you the calmness and serenity that you had no idea you needed.


It is often said that some of the most successful people have consistent morning routines. Adding the morning run to your routine could provide the structure to ultimately keep you in the best headspace throughout the day.


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