Writer Reflections Q&A: Olivia L.

Writing for Reflect and Refresh has taught me more than I could’ve ever anticipated.

Before I started, I thought this opportunity would only help me to grow as a writer and learn to adapt to a new writing style and though I’ve certainly grown as a writer, I have found new ways to connect with the reader and learned a lot more about myself and wellness.

I assumed that wellness was just another buzzword for health. I naively thought that wellness meant you were healthy physically and maybe mentally.

I never knew how fostering wellness spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, as well as occupationally could drastically have a positive impact on my holistic health journey.

Wellness is more than just going to the gym or practicing other forms of self-care. It’s also about your outlook on life, how you react to certain situations, and learning when to let go of what’s holding you back.

What are some techniques or practices that have helped you personally in pursuing wellness?

I have learned a multitude of practices and coping mechanisms that have helped to heal my relationship with myself. Since joining the team, I have spent more time trying to recognize what and who in my life uplifts me and helps me to grow and what doesn’t.

Simply taking the time each day to reflect on what is fostering my growth has allowed me to better connect with my emotions and true feelings.

I have also found the endless benefits of practicing mindfulness. I usually keep myself extremely busy and don’t give myself the time to be at peace with my mind, body, and soul.

I’ve learned to take in what’s around me and acknowledge the thoughts that I have while practicing mindfulness without letting them completely take over my train of thought. These practices have allowed me to start on a journey towards overall well-being that will last a lifetime.

What piece of advice on wellness would you give to our readers?

A piece of advice that I would give to those that are hoping to achieve a more balanced lifestyle is to take it one step at a time. It can sometimes be overwhelming to know all the ways that you can cultivate your well-being with the six pillars.

But you don’t need to “fix” all of those aspects of your life at the same time. You can start with one pillar and try a new technique or practice that you may find helpful. For example, if you want to improve your spirituality, begin by spending some more time in nature each week. It doesn’t need to be an immediate awakening for it to be beneficial.

Which of your pieces was your favorite to write? Why?

My favorite article that I wrote over the summer was Eradicating Racism in a Professional Environment. This was my favorite article because of how relevant it is to the current issues facing our country. I hope that this article allowed people to reflect on their professions and the way that their companies operate.

I also believe that the occupational pillar is an important but often overlooked aspect of wellness. Our occupations are such a large part of our lives. After all, most of us spend the majority of our day working in our profession. I believe that if we spend more time focusing on how to address our occupational wellness, we’ll be happier and more productive.


I am grateful to Reflect and Refresh for showing me that I’m not limited by my physical and mental health, but that I can care for myself in all aspects of my life.

I hope that my articles have impacted even just one person and helped them in their journey of well-being. I am excited to continue to write for this publication as I learn more about myself and wellness as a whole.

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