Writer Reflections Q&A: Shantel D.

Before writing for Reflect and Refresh, I didn’t know that wellness is multi-faceted and it involves different areas of one’s life. Although it’s very important, this fact doesn’t seem to be widely known in society when talking about wellness.

I used to associate wellness with only nutrition and fitness, but I was happy to learn that it actually encompasses so much more. I was happier to find out that wellness includes health as it relates to occupation because we spend so much of our time at work.

I have a newfound appreciation for keeping up with self-care and wellness as it relates to my work environment and things that I may be going through in the workplace.

What are some techniques or practices that have helped you personally in pursuing wellness?

One thing that I have been making it a point to do in order to pursue wellness is to run in the morning. I wrote a story emphasizing the mental benefits associated with the morning run, and I really live by these things.

I’ve found that running in the morning really has made a difference in my mental health and my overall attitude for the day, which has been especially helpful due to the stresses of the pandemic. Running in the morning allows my mind and body to wake up, boosts my energy and leaves me feeling so accomplished.

I love that I am able to practice physical, emotional, and mental wellness with this small act in the morning. I even noticed a difference when I temporarily stopped doing the morning runs.

I felt that something was off, and I noticed that my mood wasn’t as positive in the morning. Given the benefits I have reaped, I will continue to use my morning run as a way to pursue wellness.

What piece of advice on wellness would you give to our readers?

One piece of advice that I want to share with readers is to understand that wellness is not something you achieve and then you’re set for life. Instead, wellness is more of a journey that you must continue to work at. There can be stressors at any time or point in your life, so it is especially important to practice wellness consistently.

Which of your pieces was your favorite to write? Why?

My favorite piece to write was 5 Intentional Ways to Prep for an Interview. I believe this piece really serves a great purpose and can definitely help people who are looking for a job, especially in these difficult times where unemployment is at an all-time high due to COVID-19.

I also love that this piece included a lot of things that people typically overlook when preparing for an interview but can make a huge difference in a candidate’s performance. I even shared the piece with my peers on LinkedIn and received a lot of great feedback.

My second favorite piece to write was 4 Ways to Practice Self-Love in a Relationship. This isn’t a topic that is regularly acknowledged or considered, but I strongly believe taking care of yourself in a relationship plays a role in the success of any relationship.

It is important to check-in with yourself and consider you own needs, which can be easy to forget when you are dealing with someone you love.

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