Roommate Drama: Improving Relationship with Roommate

Living with someone can be extremely tough at times. With the pandemic these last few months, you may find yourself spending more time at home than ever before.

If you are currently struggling with a roommate relationship, know that you are not alone. Good news is that you can improve your roommate relationship in many ways.

1. Advocate for yourself.

Making sure that your needs are being met is equally as important as considering your roommate’s feelings. If there are specific things that you need to have the best quality of life, you should communicate them with your roommate as early as possible.

These non-negotiables are important to you and deserve to be addressed. If you do not address these things, your roommate will have no idea of knowing their importance to you. Unfortunately, this could have the potential to become a source of contention in your roommate relationship.

2. Pick your battles.

Not everything that grinds your gears needs to be an argument. Consider letting things go where you can to avoid unnecessary disagreement on minor things. Try considering the situation from your roommate’s perspective and ask yourself a few questions.

Do you think your roommate did this on purpose? Is this something that simply annoys you but you can see why your roommate did it? Is it worth the argument?

Taking the time to consider these things will make all the difference in how you approach actual major issues with your roommate. Try to give your roommate the benefit of the doubt where you can.

3. Have quality time together.

Although you live together, you may find that you don’t know too much about your roommate. Try to get to know them through quality time or an outing if possible. This will allow you to learn more about their personality and allow your roommate to learn about you.

This quality time together will hopefully push the relationship with your roommate in a positive direction and limit future arguments. Like any relationship, you must understand the person to keep the relationship prosperous.

4. Space is key.

If your roommate is acting a little standoffish or you feel a shift in their energy, consider giving them some space. Try to refrain from thinking the issue is with you.

Instead, there could be things going on in your roommate’s life that are affecting their mood such as work, romantic relationships, financial stress, etc. Sometimes it is important when you are living with a roommate to create healthy space between you two.

This is mutually beneficial for the emotional and mental wellbeing of you both. This easy and simple act may allow your relationship to improve on its own.


Don’t give up on your relationship with your roommate just yet! Remember it is very common to have problems with someone you live with because of all the time we spend at home. Personalities are bound to clash. But there is always potential to improve a roommate relationship so long as you are both willing.


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