5 Ways to Cope with Election Season

With every passing day, we are one step closer to the 2020 election. For many, the constant countdowns, news, and drama surrounding the upcoming election may be emotionally taxing.

Don’t fret because you are not alone! Although it may seem “taboo” to discuss politics, it’s time we acknowledge the emotional stress brought on by elections.

1. Take deep breaths.

Never underestimate the power of a good deep breath!

If you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed, consider taking a moment to release that stress with breathing exercises. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds, and then exhale for 5 seconds.

This may still your mind and work as a natural relaxer to your election worries.  Do this as many times needed to clear and calm your mind. 

2. Get off of social media.

In the modern era of social media, it may seem impossible to escape the stress of the election. Although it is important to stay informed, being constantly emerged in the stressful world of politics may be one of the main contributors to your stress.

Consider taking a hiatus from the news and social media for as long as you need it. This will give you a necessary escape from the constant drama in the world of politics. Use this time to do some of your favorites hobbies so that you can recharge your emotional and mental tank.

3. Protect your energy.

With the excitement surrounding this year’s election along with the upcoming holidays, you may find yourself in a situation where the people close to you may want to engage in political talk at family gatherings.

If you are currently undergoing extreme stress brought on by the election, do not be afraid to let the person know that you want to decline engaging in a political conversation.

You can say things like, “I’d rather talk about something else. I hope you understand,” or “For my own mental health, I won’t be engaging in any election talk tonight.”

Now more than ever, your mental health is important and should be at the top of your priorities. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself with your family and friends especially when it comes to the election.

4. Optimism is key.

As you prepare for the election results, it may be natural to consider worst-case scenarios. Although it may be your way of subconsciously preparing for an unfavorable result, constantly thinking about the worst case scenario can potentially contribute to stress.

The best thing to do during this time is to remain positive. Manifest the results that you want and don’t put worst case scenario outcomes into the universe. This small change in your thinking is an easy way to alleviate election stress in the moment.

5. Help where you can.

If you are someone who likes to feel in control of situations, election time may be especially hard as we all brace ourselves for the stress of the actual day.

One way to alleviate election stress may be to do your part. Consider working as an election day poll worker in your city or campaigning for your preferred candidate.

This will allow you to channel your energy into something productive for the election. Instead of being stressed out at home, having a sense of purpose will give you something to look forward to.


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