4 Ways to Elevate Your At-Home Workout

You may not be in a rush to head to the gym given the COVID-19 pandemic and that is A-OKAY! If you’re feeling wary about going to the gym, try spicing up your at-home workout as a way to stay active.

Instead of doing the same old at-home workout routines, ones that you’ve probably grown tired of, try adding a little more action to transform it into the ultimate fitness experience.

1. Work with your environment.

If you’re tired of working out in the same area of your house over and over again, try using the untouched spaces of your house. This can be a back stairwell or maybe even a part that you rarely use. This will give you something new to look at while you work out.

Don’t be afraid to use the entire height or length of an area to your advantage. For example, instead of looking at your basement as a boring empty room, envision it as your ultimate track field.

Measure the space and figure out how many laps around the perimeter would be equivalent to one lap around a track field. Implementing something like this may give you additional motivation to run and to use every inch of your space.

2. Host a virtual group workout.

If you’re feeling lonely working out at home alone, make it a group activity! Invite your friends to a virtual work out session. You can turn this into a midweek “pick me up” where you catch up with your loved ones while pushing one another to get active.

For extra fun, consider making it a challenge where you all can make fitness goals and track your progress. This may give you something positive to look forward to as you work-out and the support of your loved ones may push you harder to work-out.

3. Start your day with workouts.

The simple act of shifting your workouts from the afternoon to early morning can make all the difference in the way you feel post-workout. The morning workout may wake you up and provide you with the motivation to accomplish big throughout the day.

If you have roommates, moving your workout to the early morning may also be good if you want to limit distractions. This way, you can have the entire house to yourself and be free to work out alone. Just remember that you may need to adjust your noise level to account for those sleeping in.

4. Set your pace.

One of the best things about working out at home is that it gives you the freedom to make the rules! If you want to take extended breaks between reps or prefer a slow start to a certain routine, you can do this at home without fear of judgment from those onlookers at the gym. 

Think about the method that works best for you to work out whether it be 20 minutes every 4 hours or working out every other day and try to use this to create the perfect routine that fits your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to try “unconventional” ways of working out, either! The fun thing about working out at home is you set the rules.


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