Moving Somewhere New Won’t Solve Your Problems

Every time hardship arises in our lives, it seems as though our entire world has been turned upside down. We may notice an achy feeling in our stomachs, and even might lose hope in our future. Our minds can begin to take us down a tumultuous chain reaction of thinking.

Our minds may be filled with thoughts of, “If only I had done this differently”, or “This would have never happened if…” The human mind has the extraordinary ability to wonder and dwell on the what-ifs. We may crave a sense of escape when we are faced with problems.

Most of us want an easy fix, but when we do this, we are running away from the root issue and not attacking it at its source. You cannot decide to pack-up and move every time you hit a bump in the road. All this does is to elongate the problem.

Here are some reasons moving somewhere new doesn’t solve your problems.

1. Moving will not change your circumstances.

You must be happy with yourself and your own life before you worry about anything exterior. You have to be happy with who you are as a person, professionally and personally.

If these aspects of your life are not how you want them to be, moving won’t improve your life or help you move forward. When things aren’t going how we want them to or if there have been drastic changes in our lives, we tend to think moving elsewhere will be the answer.

Your circumstances may not change when you move, especially if you haven’t put the work in to fix the actual problem at hand. Whether the problem is falling out with a best friend, a break up, or not getting the job you wanted, moving away will only mask the problem.

When a plan is put into place to mend relationships and better your work ethic, and people skills, only then will your circumstances change.

2. Moving will not change how you resolve conflict.

If you have bad character and bad habits, it will follow you every where you go. When you continue to problem solve the way you normally do, something has to give. You must handle conflicts differently than before.

Try and figure out why you keep getting yourself into the same situations, ones that may make your life feel as though you’re on a never ending Merry-Go-Round. If you have poor people skills, you must find a way to work cordially with people in the workplace.

If you move to another place, but bring the same bad habits with you, your life will stay the same in the new place as well.

If you instigate problems amongst friends, you must start to negate problems instead of starting them. If you cannot recognize your own faults to change them, you will be just as upset at the new location as you were in the first.

3. A new location doesn’t always mean it’s a better location.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Most people are convinced that a different city will be better than their own hometown. This is not always true. The truth is that there are bars, restaurants, amusement parks, and trails in every city.

What matters most is what you choose to make of your time there and the people you spend it with. Instead of wishing for something better, start making something better for yourself, exactly where you are.


You have the power to control your own destiny and your own happiness by making decisions and taking action. You can’t move to a different place every time you have a problem.

Put time and effort into working out the problems in your life to thrive where you are. There is no easy fix for anything, because a great life is created by you, not where you live.


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