Holiday Funk: Ways to Combat It

Holiday time is officially upon us. With all that has happened, and is still happening, it may be difficult to get into the holiday spirit. You are not alone. From the pandemic to the election, the events of this year may have caused you a ton of unwanted stress.

Instead of carrying that negativity into the holiday season, consider making a few small changes to help you get out of your holiday funk.

1. Make a Gratitude List.

If you’re feeling down this holiday season, try to make a list of all the things you’re grateful for. This year has been full of problems so making a list of all the things that you’re currently grateful for may help you get into the holiday spirit.

Don’t forget the small things, such as having a roof over your head and having a job because these everyday things that we often take for granted, deserve to be acknowledged. So many people have lost so much this year.

Try thinking of all that you have through the lens of abundance. Focus on all that you have and not what you’ve lost!

2. Think of your favorite family moments.

If the holidays are usually filled with your family traditions, try to tap into that to improve your attitude on the holiday season. If you usually look forward to the desserts after Thanksgiving, think of what you’ll bring to the dinner table this year.

This will give you an activity that you can focus on and it may get you into the holiday spirit. If you usually look forward to exchanging gifts with your loved ones, make your holiday gift list as early as possible. Think about what would be the most meaningful gift for your loved ones.

3. Have a Holiday Movie-Thon.

Nothing raises the holiday spirits like a good holiday movie! Try watching your favorite holiday movies to reminisce on your past favorite holidays. And if you’re open to change, watch a newer holiday movie.

A lot of streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have holiday movie playlists. These are curated lists of holiday movies that may be just what you need to escape that holiday fun. You can also turn it into a virtual event.

Invite your family and friends to your virtual holiday movie-thon.  This can also be a great way to include your family members who may not want to join in on the holiday festivities due to fears of catching COVID-19 at an in-person family gathering.

4. ‘Tis the season to give back.

Year after year, there are people who spend the holidays alone and without celebration due to their circumstances. Community service may be the perfect activity for you to escape your own holiday funk and positively impact someone else.

Look at your community boards and research any open volunteer initiatives that you can assist with. Consider inviting those closest to you to help out! Volunteering with friends and family during the holiday season may allow you to create new meaningful traditions.

5. Partake in a social media cleanse.

The holidays seem to be the time of the perfect picturesque Instagram photo ops. But if you’re feeling the holiday funk, the constant oversharing on Instagram may not be the best for your mental health.

Consider taking a break from social media during the holidays to ensure that you limit being exposed to any triggers. This time away from social media may actually be what you need to get your spirits back on track. Out of sight, out of mind!


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