5 Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

It’s no secret that we’re in the age of podcasts! Every time you turn your head, a new podcast is released. It only seems right to expand your library with some newer podcasts that are already gaining traction in the short time since they’ve made their debut.

1. See, The Thing Is…

This female-led podcast under the Joe Budden Podcast Network is unique because it’s from the perspective of hosts who vary in their way of thinking, background, and career paths.

The hosts are all powerhouses in their respective lanes, and they do a great job of providing a powerful female perspective on things affecting the entertainment industry, the black community, and current events.

If you’re looking for a podcast that is the perfect mix of cultural conversation and humor, this podcast is perfect for you.

2. The Brownprint

Journalist and Television Personality Chari Champion’s new podcast, The Brownprint may be just what you need to revive your podcast collection.

This podcast is focused on celebrating talented individuals across industries who are creating space for minorities in their respective fields. In each episode, Champion invites an influential artist, writer, entrepreneur, and etc. onto her show to have a dialogue about their achievements and their journey getting to where they are.

This may be the perfect podcast if you are looking for something to uplift and motivate you throughout the day.

3. The ReidOut with Joy Reid

If you’re looking for a podcast with useful and unique commentary on important news topics, The ReidOut with Joy Reid is perfect. This podcast hosted by MSNBC Journalist and Political Commentator, Joy Reid, discusses the latest on Capitol Hill in a way that engages listeners.

It’s no secret the news cycle this year has been filled with politics and government affairs. If you’re a person who loves to be part of the political conversation that includes a diverse perspective, check out The ReidOut.

4. Turnout With Katie Couric

The 2020 election season was one that was historic because of the record breaking number of casted ballots this election. 

This podcast takes a look at the inner workings of the voting process in America. Katie Couric engages in deep conversations with activists and politicians on the voting process, voter oppression, the future of democracy and so much more.

If this election season got you excited and left you wanting to know more about the election and voting process, consider adding this podcast to your weekly downloads.

5. The Yes Theory Podcast

If you’re someone who finds themselves constantly afraid of change or unable to take a risk, consider listening to the Yes Theory Podcast. This podcast explores the powers of leaning in and saying yes to things even if they make you uncomfortable.

The hosts engage in deep conversations with experts who are centered around the power of saying yes and dealing with discomfort. It may even motivate you to make a life-changing decision by saying yes and it may propel you forward!


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