Coping with Negative Feelings During the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is filled with lights, festivities, and celebration. While this time can bring joy to many, the forced jolly can also be difficult for many to manage.

This year brings its own new challenges because your family may be farther and it may be hard to gather with your friends.

If you find yourself feeling down this winter, here are some ways to cope.

1. Find moments for yourself.

Often, the holidays act as a time for reconnection with others. However, before jumping on that next family Zoom call, it’s probably a good idea to check in with your own emotions.

If you have a hobby that brings you joy, consider taking a break from the festivities and dedicate time to this craft. It is important to find a balance between spending your energy on other people and spending it on yourself.

Especially with the increased screen-time fatigue, checking in with all of your contacts may not be the best move for everyone this winter.

2. Contact your close connections.

While connecting with everyone this winter might not be the best for you, it might be smart to check in with the people you truly care about. Sometimes, chatting with these people will have the opposite effect of draining. It may actually help to replenish your depleted energy.

When you have a free moment, spend some time making a list of the people in your life who help build you up. Not only will this help you sort through your relationships, but it will help you to identify the people you wish to strengthen your connections with.

3. Allow yourself to feel everything.

It can be very tempting to give in to the idea that the holiday season should be a time of pure bliss. However, this is not a sensible way to regard this time of year. The holidays can evoke a great deal of emotions, and many of them can be overwhelming and negative.

It is not necessarily helpful to ignore or deny these emotions. Instead, let yourself feel and live through them. Give yourself space to feel hurt, lost, and confused.

Coming to the end of this year can be difficult for so many reasons and the holidays are not a reason to suppress the emotions that you’re truly feeling.

4. Stay focused on daily tasks.

It is no question that the holiday-related chores can begin to pile up. While you can focus on completing these tasks, make sure that you are concentrating on your daily tasks as well. Eating, drinking plenty of water and getting a good amount of sleep are important jobs to consider.

Try your best not to let the splendor of the holidays distract you from the activities that really matter to your health. Your physical health often ties into your mental health: don’t leave yourself drained on either end.

This holiday season may feel extremely overwhelming. I hope these methods prove effective in helping you sort through your emotions, and coping with the negative ones.


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