5 Ways Baking Can Be Therapeutic

Do you ever long for a new way to manage stress? If the routine therapy sessions just aren’t cutting it anymore and those straight-line rakes in the sand aren’t lowering your anxiety, it might be time to search for a new way to find your tranquility.

When life continues to hit the fan, the quote I love to go by is, “when in doubt, bake it out”. When you don’t allow life’s curveballs to knock you down, you can then convert that negative energy into a skill that will help bring you peace and make others around you happy.

Here are 5 ways that baking can be therapeutic:

1. Baking eases the mind.

Preparing baked goods requires full focus and attention. Adding each ingredient into the bowl and watching it go from bumpy to smooth can be very satisfying.

It doesn’t take much effort to whisk the eggs, butter, and sugar, but the simplicity of the act can be very meditative. With each churn, negative thoughts can flow out of your mind.

In an article for the Boston Globe, Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer for the Cleveland Clinic, states, “Clearing the mind and focusing so intensely on something that you can’t think of anything else, such as when you’re being creative, reduces stress.”

2. The smells of baking can ignite happy feelings.

The smell of the yeast from the dough, as well as the smell of the vanilla extract enhances the feel-good endorphins. As you put your creation in the oven, the excitement can build.

The anticipation of tasting your decadent delectable grows stronger as you smell it baking. You then can’t wait for you and the people around you to have a taste.

3. Baking can help you explore creativity.

According to GoodNet, psychologists have found a strong connection between creative expression and overall well-being. Put your talents to use and create something beautiful. Add bright colors and designs to your baked goods. Make something that you are proud of.

4. Sharing your goods with others can be rewarding.

The energy you surround yourself with affects you the most. Gifting your loved ones with a special treat will bring you so much happiness. When you see the smile on their faces as they are enjoying the delicious treat you have made for them, it will be so rewarding. In this instance, you may be giving, but you are also receiving so much more.

5. Baking gives you a sense of accomplishment.

After mixing all the ingredients together, witnessing it go from liquid to solid in the oven, and decorating it meticulously, it can fill you with a huge sense of accomplishment. When you put your mind to something and it comes out exactly the way you envisioned it, you will feel extremely good about yourself.


Managing stress through baking just might be the change you need in your life. The most unique aspect about this stress-relieving technique is that it incorporates an activity that is a universal love language: the love of preparing and enjoying food.

You can hone your creativity, and focus skills while reducing stress and anxiety. Bake your way to a new and improved you!


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