3 Astrology Apps That Will Change How You See the World

Are you on the go and want to discover what is going on energetically around you? Are you having a hard time deciding if you should have that serious conversation with a loved one?

Astrology can be an excellent tool for self-introspection and help understand yourself, how you feel, and your relationships. Nowadays, you can consult your phone for any astrological concerns you may have.

There are some great astrology apps for your smartphone that can be very useful to provide insight on any decisions you have to make. It can also be beneficial for your everyday routine and may help you to take advantage of the energy present at the time.

A lot of apps are available and have different purposes. Some of them focus on horoscopes based on one’s zodiac sign, while others are more focused on creating personalized birth charts.

The usability of the apps provided in this article can be used daily, monthly, and annually. They have compatibility tests between different zodiac signs and many other cool features.

Here are three unique and free astrology apps with a variety of purposes.


Co-star generates your astrological chart using your data (exact time, date, and place of birth) and provides daily horoscopes. The feature that makes this app unique is that you can compare your charts with your friends’ ones and they don’t need the app to do this.

I recommend this app because of its beautiful design and its comfortable user experience. Its forecasts have been accurate and entertaining. The company is just a few years old but it has already gathered around 5.3 million users worldwide.

The Pattern

This one is best for relationships. The best part of this app is that it is also extremely accurate and even Channing Tatum couldn’t believe it, as he stated on Twitter in 2019. When starting the app, users start by adding their name and their birth date and time.

The Pattern is a social network and users can connect with friends to understand their relationships better and how the universe or cosmos might play a part in it.

What makes this app special is that you can run a relationship analysis with people who don’t have it by entering the person you want to analyze. This app is fantastic for people who want to understand their astrology reading in more detail.


With Nebula, you can check your daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes in just one app. The feature that distinguishes this app from others is that you can contact professional astrologers for any advice for an extra fee.

This app also offers compatibility checks in relationships, business, and friendships. It provides your personalized natal chart and can give you valuable insight into the moon cycles that play a significant role when planning to cut your hair, workout, and travel.

Overall, this app is an excellent way for users to broaden their knowledge on astrology if they are interested.


All astrology apps have their strength and weaknesses, and some apps could seem more attractive than others. It depends on how often you apply astrology in your life.

Although you can have all three apps on your phone and be spiritually prepared, choose the one that satisfies your needs the most. All three apps are available for iOS and Android.


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