Focus on the Good and the Good Gets Better

Abraham Hicks, American motivational speaker and author once said, “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.”

We too often tend to focus on the negative things in life or the things that do not serve us. Our life has potential to be exponentially better if we just focus on all of the beautiful, amazing, positive things that life has to offer.

Well, what is the “good”? The good in life is anything you want it to be.

It can be waking up on time, spending time with loved ones or scoring an interview for your dream job. It can also be taking a negative situation and learning a valuable lesson from it.

Maybe you really enjoy lighting candles, going for walks or traveling. The good can be endless! It is the little and big things in life, and we have to celebrate it all. It is so easy to be negative at one point or another in our lives, because we’ve been wired to be!

Psychology Today writes, “Our capacity to weigh negative input so heavily most likely evolved for a good reason—to keep us out of harm’s way. From the dawn of human history, our very survival depended on our skill at dodging danger. The brain developed systems that would make it unavoidable for us not to notice danger and thus, hopefully, respond to it.”

In other words, our likelihood to be negative comes from our innate survival skills.

Thankfully, most of our survival is no longer dependent on our skill at dodging predators! We must un-train our brain to be so guarded and train it to let in all the good of the world. The following are some ways to get you started.

1. Train your mind to see the good in every situation.

When something bad happens or we have to do something we don’t particularly like, it is so easy to think negatively. Maybe you tragically lost your job or have to do the dreaded laundry; at face value these are negative things.

However, you must train our mind to find the good in every situation. Perhaps losing your job will open up a new and greater opportunity or you learn something that you can do better for the next job. Put some music on while you do the laundry and make it exciting.

There are endless ways to find the good in situations, we just have to retrain our minds.

2. Think of things that bring you joy.

Think of the things that bring you joy and go out and seek them and this can be anything! Maybe it’s reading a good book, going for a walk with a friend or taking time for self-care. Whatever brings you joy in life, seek it out, and you’ll see a difference.

The more you do something that brings you joy, the more happiness you’ll feel in life, and the more you’ll seek out things that bring you joy because you absolutely love the feeling.

3. Look for the good in the people around you.

Nobody is perfect and people will let you down, hurt you and disappoint you — it’s life. We so easily let other people control our happiness by viewing them in a negative light.

For example, let’s say your best friend since kindergarten missed your birthday. You could be so angry, sulk for days and hold a grudge. Or, you could think about why she missed your birthday and remember that because she’s your best friend, it’s not malicious. Maybe she is going through something or had a bad day. You know she wouldn’t forget otherwise!

Look for the good in people and the good will come to you.

4. Celebrate little victories.

Little victories are everything! Without the little victories in life, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the big ones. If we didn’t have the little ones, we wouldn’t know just how big the big ones are.

For example, if you were training for a marathon and did not celebrate finishing your first mile, finishing the whole thing wouldn’t be as huge of a victory! Celebrate making your bed, drinking your delicious morning coffee, landing your dream job, and everything in between.

Share your victories with your loved ones and give yourself credit for the small stuff. It will make you feel amazing.

5. Choose to focus on the positive things in life.

As I mentioned earlier, our brain is wired to be negative in situations that present themselves as bad. However, in each and every moment, we can choose to focus on the negatives or positives.

It us up to us every single time, so choose to focus on the positive things in life. For example, when you’re feeling down about something, focus on an activity, person or idea that makes you feel good.

Focus on the endless opportunities and love that the world has to offer. Focus on appreciating those around you and on giving yourself the positive energy that you deserve.

Focus on the good things in life because it’s the easiest way to attract positive energy, high vibrations and all of the good that this beautiful life has to offer. 


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