4 Truths to Remember When You Feel Stuck

You may be wondering what this phrase means. Often, giving ourselves too little credit can seem like the perfect excuse to not do something. “Oh, I will do awful at this, so why should I try?” It is that unsustainable kind of thinking that prevents people from growing.

All of those titans at the gym you may constantly compare yourself to all started small. They were initially either scrawny or carried more fat than they wanted.

What you aspire to and what you want takes time. Time  can be annoyingly long, so you might as well enjoy the rollercoaster or road trip you’re on.

Here are some truths to remember when you feel like you’re going nowhere and are feeling worthless.

1. It’s one of the most common feelings to have.

When you are in this pitying hole in the ground with no ladders or ropes to climb, it normally feels isolating. It’s because when you are in this state, comparing yourself to others instinctively happens, and you make the assumption that everyone else has their lives completely set.

They have everything together. They made the big post about being engaged, renovated their new home, or have achieved corporate success. Yet, all of the emotional baggage and self-loathing is never revealed in public.

It’s sometimes hard to realize so many people have insecurities which affect their lives. This has been said before, but no one posts about the rejections, break-ups, or weight gain. In this state of worthlessness, remember that it is deception. You are capable of achieving and getting your tasks done. 

2. A change in environment can help.

Living with toxicity is also common whether it is found in parents, partners, or your plain old surroundings. With some stumbling blocks attacking your self-worth, it is natural to want to stop all of your growth because it feels pointless.

Get away from people and places who only put out low blows. Though your environment may not be toxic, it may inhibit you from growth. If you believe that everyone in your community is stuck in the past and only watches TV for fun, leave!

3. Feelings are always temporary.

Feelings have to be one of the most misleading things in existence.

For example, you may be elated to come home from a recent promotion at your job, but then, when you get home your fiancé decides to call off the upcoming wedding. That elation plummets hard into one too many tubs of Ben & Jerry’s.

Feelings are flexible depending on the current situation. You need to remind yourself that the hopeless and worthless dread is temporary. You have the ability to overcome. To turn your feelings around, rant to a friend or play Beyoncé. Spirits will be lifted up!

4. You may be going through a critical mental health crisis.

I simply didn’t want to say, “you are not alone,” because that is a tired cliché and potentially mocks the present issue. Your low self-esteem can reach such a low that help is needed, and it may require professional help.

Talking to friends, family, and even sometimes a stranger in a public environment who’s willing to listen can be ways to feel better. Yet, when the feelings are so severe that you are unable to do anything or the horrific thoughts start to occur, definitely and absolutely go seek help from a mental health professional. 


Life can be annoyingly hard, and there are several moments when it seems as if all of your efforts don’t mean anything. Yet, no one can start off being good at every skill. Perhaps you were the gifted student in school who was naturally good at academics.

Yet, when you became an adult, you realized you weren’t great at everything and gave up on improving yourself. This happens to so many people. I could probably name five people in 10 seconds who I went to school with where this description matches them perfectly.

Stop telling yourself you are incapable just because the first efforts were really bad. For many situations, they are supposed to be. Instead, you are absolutely capable of learning new efforts and improving yourself. Putting into action in this belief is the only way to succeed.

Source: https://hackspirit.com/feeling-worthless-here-are-7-reasons-why-and-what-you-can-do-about-it/


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