3 Ways to Get More Time with Your Busy Family

With the pandemic, fear and anxiety among the family can cause distance and promote isolation which creates less interactions and can lead to unpleasant ones times where there is more irritability, stress-prone fights and complete avoidance. To avoid these circumstances, you can spend more time with your family.

Childhood was usually spent cultivating relationships and connections with your family. You got to know your family members and nurture each other in ways words cannot explain.

As we get older, family time becomes less frequent and non-existent for everyone in the house. The dynamic changes as family members go off to college, enter long-term relationships and have conflicting job schedules.

As an adult, you can continue cultivating these connections or reboot these relationships with more care because doing childhood activities with your family can still create new memories for your adult life. You can take charge by creating more loving interactions with your family.

Here are some ways you can create more time with them in the midst of everyone’s busy schedules.

1. Card Games

Playing cards is a classic game to get any family together for a game night. From Goldfish to UNO, you can get into the competitive spirt and enjoy the laughs with your family. To create more laugh and thrills, you can play card games that test your family trivia or exposes your wild truths.

A hot one is Truth or Dab which is a trivia game where you ask outrageous questions to anyone in the group and try different truth or dare questions.

This is a perfect game for families who are looking to grow their bond or are trying to reboot it. This creates a dynamic of truth telling and honest dialogue in a distant household. Also, the game is very exciting for all players because you get to try hot sauce for bailing on questions or dares.

If Hot Ones is not your style, any card game that exposes egregious truths and challenges your family’s comfort levels that will strengthen your family dynamic. You and your family will feel satisfied that the time was created to bond and focus on each other.

2. Paint Night

For a calming approach, painting with your family can get the creative juices flowing with each other. It slows down the rush of life and can help you focus on the present. As your family tries to reclaim time, painting will bring out the artistic flare of everyone.

You can create a Paint Night with pre-drawn canvases from Etsy or create a DIY moment by challenging your family to draw their own canvas. Also, you can create a freestyle night so that your family can do any kind of painting.

Painting can also introduce more dialogue and reflection because you can discuss issues or vent about the life that we are all experiencing.

You will be surprised on how much your family is feeling at the moment and how they are all the same thoughts. You and your family will get to release the collective stress of the day and create memories with each other.

3. Karaoke

For the family that is full of singers and dancers, karaoke is a great activity. You get to sing-along to any song that you want. Turn on YouTube videos that have karaoke lyrics and use a portable mic or buy karaoke machine to go all out.

The beauty of karaoke is you get to see your family sing or rap to their favorite songs with cheers and glee. You get to let loose and learn more about the songs that get your family members excited for life.

This can create karaoke competitions, duet or group singing and help everyone to enjoy the light atmosphere of the night. Both activity options can release negative energy and place the focus on the music. You might not get in-depth conversations with this activity but the emotional fulfillment of sending quality time may be enough to keep the party going.


By understanding the importance of family time, it will always keep you grounded and help you to remember who are with them. Time is fleeting and it’s vital that you create memories with the people to show them that you care about them.

This can get lost in translation with family because we assume that they will always be there but life is not always forgiving for any of us. Just as with romantic and platonic relationships, family deserves to receive love so that it shows that you want them in their life. 


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