How to Combat the Financial Perils of the Healthcare System

The healthcare system is entirely unfair and can sometimes be more corrupt than the banking industry. In America, the costs of healthcare can be alarming and you will probably see jaws dropping at doctor’s offices when the final cost for a service is revealed.

From living in Europe, I’ve noticed that there was more access to walking with plenty of sidewalks while America has a noticeably fewer amount. It’s almost as if it is set up for civilians to have their health decline and be forced to get adequate but expensive healthcare.

It is imperative that civilians become aware of this imperfect system, and do what they can. It’s so that they don’t have piles of medical bills. It can also be the difference between paying them at 30 vs. 70.

Here are health-related tips that can help prevent medical expenses.

1. It can take 10 minutes to stay on track.

Exercise can be initially thought of as this elaborate and intensive activity performed only by those with unattainable figures. Yet, all of them even had to start somewhere. Exercise can start small by just being active for 10 minutes.

In the beginning, you are most likely not ready for HIIT yet. Think of simple movements which elevate your heart rate and encourage your bloodstream.

It could be fast walking, lunges, and knee push-ups. It can be super challenging in the beginning but at some point you will see that your back doesn’t ache as much or your breathing isn’t as noticeable when going up flights of stairs.

2. Don’t fall prey to cheap fast food.

As you drive through the main road or go through your commute, you’ll see a plentiful amount of ads showing fast food chains aimed at a cheap price.

In solely speaking to Americans, food from restaurants are served in bigger portions and is easier to obtain with factors like price and convenience. There is the temptation we all have faced where you get home after multiple hours of work and don’t want to cook anything.

A crispy bacon-wrapped cheeseburger seems tempting, but it won’t be so appealing when you will need to pay tens of thousands of dollars on coronary surgery. At times, you just need some minute rice, lemon juice, diced chicken, frozen veggies, and you’re done.

3. Just floss.

Don’t only focus on family doctors, clinics, and hospitals. It’s important to also pay close attention to your dental hygiene because prices can become astronomical. At one time, I wanted an appointment with my dentist because I thought my retainer was too loose.

But when he literally looked at my teeth for 30 seconds, he said there is nothing he could do. But after I was charged $50 for the appointment, I never went to the dentist again. So many offices are like that.

As long as you generally talk care of your teeth with brushing generously, flossing every night, and not causing cavities due to sugar intake, you should be fine.

4. If you suspect there could be a medical problem, fix it before it gets worse.

Fixing an issue in the beginning stages can prove to be the best option. It could be the difference from paying $100 for a check-up to $20,000 for surgery.

If you are stuck with a potential problem and don’t know how to solve it, there are options. Before you ever seek professional assistance where you need to pay (this goes for counseling too), ask your closest friends what they would do.

In our current world where there are countless pages of information on the World Wide Web, there’s no excuse to not know about a potential, medical issue. This goes into the next point.

5. Use the Internet.

A lot of us know WebMD gets a bad rap, but it’s still there for a reason. Use it and other free resources on the Internet. There are many valid sites, and it makes sense given that the encyclopedia is now a foreign concept.

Aside from several published articles, sources can range from YouTube videos to forums to podcasts. What you spend your entire time worrying about may be completely harmless. Yet if you see the publishing date as 2004, run away!


In sharing the obvious declaimer, these tips are not applicable to every health situation especially the serious ones. However, these are tips which can help the majority in America and hopefully prevent serious health issues in the future.

Also, the steps are not entirely easy with monumental changes to one’s routine. Yet with small introductions to them, it is easier to live a cost-effective and healthier life.


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