4 Celebrities Who Worked to Achieve Success

With plenty of influential figures right now, one could say that luck, money, or family had a lot to do with these people becoming celebrities. Yet, there are those who had to hustle in order for their lofty ambitions to become reality.

It often takes moving to a more urban area, which means spending more money, and becoming a social butterfly with trying to meet as many helpful people as possible. These people could be the reason for gaining a massive opportunity.

Here are 4 celebrities who persisted through hardship to become who they are and get to where they are today.

Dua Lipa

In starting out strong, Dua Lipa made a lasting impact for herself last year. Upon the release of the highly successful album Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa has received two Grammys, an American Music Award, and multiple MTV Music awards.

She seems like she would have been born in L.A. and already have known people in the music business. Yet, she moved by herself from Albania to London at 16, diligently tried to contact people with her demos, and worked three jobs while doing so.

Lipa and five other friends started a talent agency, and she was able to secure a record deal, improve on her music’s salability, and become one of the most streamed artists last year.

John Boyega

He is most known for playing Finn in the Star Wars series The Rise of Skywalker and The Last Jedi. He has also acted in other movies and won awards such as a BAFTA. Yet, it took time for him to achieve success.

Boyega was raised by Nigerian-born parents in the poorer community of Peckham, which is located in South London. He was pressured by his father to be like him and become a preacher, but he chose to become an actor instead.

After starting out in plays as early as 9 years old, he initially studied film studies and media writing in college. Yet, Boyega came back to acting. He finally achieved his breakout role in Attack the Block in 2011 and later achieved international acclaim in Star Wars.

Boyega doesn’t just act. In 2016, he created his own production company called Upperroom Entertainment Limited.

Lana Condor

If you are familiar with the sometimes-comical YA genre that streaming services love to produce, you’ll know of Condor.

She became a hit sensation after her X-Men role and starred in the highly rated Netflix rom-com trilogy To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Yet, Condor was an orphan at one point in Vietnam. She was adopted at 4 months old to a family based in Chicago. In her early years, Condor took a variety of dance and acting lessons.

In her acting career, she had to persist through the racist, Asian stigma that surrounds Hollywood. But once she persisted with her starring role, Condor became a certified star.

Meghan Markle

The more notable tie she has now would be to the British Royal Family. However, at one point, she was a struggling actress desperate to get a good break.

She said, “I was not a girl who grew up buying $100 candles. I was the girl who ran out of gas on her way to an audition.” Markle even had to be one of the case girls on Deal or No Deal back in the 2000s.

Then, she got her big check acting on Suits with playing a major romantic interest. Even though, she is most famous for marrying Prince Harry and becoming a duchess, she has also worked on great projects like developing two fashion lines and guest editing the September edition of British Vogue.


There could be people reading who think why should I be influenced by celebrities’ lives, and you would be right to an extent. It’s not as if you should get severe hair highlights or join in several disputes with your in-laws. However, there could be lessons from these celebrities.

With these celebrities, there is also little room for drama on their portion since they don’t rely on drama for success. They relied on their specific skills and clearly showed interest in what they were working on which helped to complete their goals.


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