A Cheat Sheet of Dating Red Flags for Every Zodiac Sign

Imagine yourself having a first date with someone you like. You would probably be a little nervous because you’re not sure what exactly to expect. Fortunately, by knowing the zodiac sign of someone, you can have an idea of what kind of person you’ll be meeting for dinner.

Going on first dates can be exciting, but we also need to look out for red flags. We are all humans, and we aren’t perfect. We all have our qualities and our flaws. Noticing them at an early stage can save you a lot of time before you put on rose-colored glasses and it’s too late.

Here is a little cheat sheet on some red flags to expect from every Zodiac sign. Who knows, it may come in handy one day.


This sign is very energetic, but be careful, because they like things done their way. While they don’t have a problem with speaking their mind, it can feel uncomfortable sometimes. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but try not to get too attached. They lead their own life, and you will have to keep up with them.


This sign marks the potential of growth but Tauruses are so stubborn. Even though dates always seem perfect, good luck trying to take them to a new restaurant that is a little further than their block. It is hard for them to step out of their comfort zone.


Geminis are all about cooperation and community. These Zodiac signs are spontaneous, which is a good thing, but they are too unexpected to the point where you would have to plan a dinner with your family three weeks before because you know they might do something else last minute. And they still do! Don’t be surprised if they are all over the place.


This sign represents home and family. Even though this sign can make a great partner, they won’t say why they are upset. In many cases, they will leave you wondering what you did wrong since they will stay quiet. If you can handle this, then it won’t be a big deal but if you are a communicator, this will probably drive you CRAZY.


Leo is possibly one of the most attractive zodiac signs. If you ever go on a date with them, I don’t blame you. They are super confident and that’s hot! But they know that too and love to be in the spotlight. Just don’t take it too personally if they forget about to compliment you.


Virgos are dedicated and skilled, but they are also perfectionists. This trait can have a positive effect because it can increase your ambition and can make you more motivated.

On the other hand, Virgos can often become unhappy when things aren’t done their way and creates plenty of unnecessary pressure in the relationship. They can come out as judgmental and that can become irritating.


Libras connect great with others. But oh my goodness, they cannot decide between anything. Get ready to make all the plans yourself because they have a hard time making choices. So, if you go for dinner with a Libra, don’t ask them where they want to go.


They are a beautiful sign because they have a growing understanding of emotional depth and perception. Scorpios are very devoted in relationships, and for this reason, they might become possessive and jealous when their partner doesn’t pay them attention. People with this zodiac sign will corner you if you don’t meet their expectations.


This sign has a vibrant and vital energy and this is why they can be dangerous. When they feel uncomfortable, they disappear from responsibilities, ghost you, and won’t show up for days. They also get bored quickly, so if you think you can’t trust them, forget it.


They symbolize the highest point in the sky. Everything will go great until you do one thing to upset them. These signs hold grudges, and they do for a long time. They might let you in again, but there’s no guarantee they’ll do that.  


Aquariuses are brilliant. They are very independent and for this reason, many times they come across as disconnected or detached. After having a first date with this sign, you will notice they have serious trust issues and if they aren’t getting the truth out of you, they tend to manipulate and lie, so be careful.


Since they are the last sign of the zodiac, they represent the unifying life principle and being alive. However, with obligations, Pisces are late, if they even show up.

It’s like they live in their own little world. You should expect to plan to reschedule any plans you make with them and make sure you bring a book to your dinner date.


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