Why You Should Take More Photos of Life

Social media has created a narcissistic approach to posting pictures for self-validation through likes and comments. All the photos are perfectly curated by body types, locations and food.

However, what do we do with the pictures that we don’t post or edit for social media? Are those photos useless? Not exactly.

Photos are visual capsules for any occasion and time is limitless with every click. Even though people discuss the issue of “living in the moment”, no one ever discusses the moments that are lost without visual representation.

Taking photos of life’s highs and lows doesn’t change the essence of the time. The act of taking photos is not a vain activity because you are sharing your time and admiration for the people around you.

Here are more reasons why you should consider taking more photos regularly.

1. They last forever.

From a polaroid to an iPhone, photos are an important part of our history in this world. Photos show where we’ve been with people and places at certain times. No matter what form they’re in, photos will always be around for your visual consumption.

You can carry them around, send them to friends for giggles or admire them from time to time. Moreover, you can create digital or physical scrapbooks of them. They make great holiday and birthday gifts for nostalgic lovers.

Photos also create a stillness in time that can make you or the place immortal forever. No can ever take away the moments or change the event taken in the photo.

2. It can be a self-esteem booster.

Whenever you are in a tough head space, you can go back to your photos and reflect on that moment. It may be an instant confidence booster and a good reminder of who you are or who you want to be.

Taking photos of locations and people may give you the focus and push you need to achieve your goals and motivate you to leap for more in the future. Moreover, capturing photos of important quotes may motivate you to make better long-term decisions.

You can also create a vison board or collage of ideas, events and actions that make you feel alive and willing to try different avenues.

3. It’s a good way to document your life path.

Parents who document every year of their child’s life through photos are time capsule champions because they show the beauty of their child’s development.

As adults, you can take pictures of your family, friends and yourself every year or more to show the journey of your life. Even after family members have passed away or after you’ve broken up with friends, you can appreciate their time in your life through the photo.

It can also help to center yourself and reflect how you can improve yourself or yearn for the past. By documenting your life, you get to see the ups and downs of your journey.  You might weep, laugh or embarrass yourself but you learn something new about yourself every time.

Moreover, you can pass down this activity to your family and more generations to come for more memories. This can lead to a visual family tree for the new generation to learn about their family and more.


Time flies in this life and the moments that we share are very fleeting. If the Internet goes obsolete, your photos are evidence of your impact in this world.

Capturing moments create the sense of urgency and bring about self- awareness that these people, events and your life are worthy of snapping a picture.


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