3 Ways to Have a Smooth Transition Into Daylight Savings Time

As a signal of the spring season, Daylight Savings Time (DST) emerge in our lives for more evening sun and fun.

However, as the clock jumps forward to 2am, our bodies wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Even for well-rounded healthy sleepers, DST can cause issues for the week.

We wake up exhausted, tired and low energy for our daily routines. 2020 hasn’t done us any favors as being one of the most stress-filled years of our lives with the pandemic.

Stress levels are already high and DST has created more exhaustion for us with fatal accidents if we’re not careful with movements.

These body clock effects take time to adjust. A study done by Current Biology showed that fatal accidents rise 6% and were more frequent after the forward clock change.

It simply showed that if these effects are not checked, we can cause harm to each and ourselves.

Although we can’t shift our body clocks, there are ways to shift peacefully into daylight saving time.

1. Have an earlier bed schedule.

You probably have a smooth bedtime schedule but your body is not operating on the spring time schedule.

The solution is to create a routine where you sleep earlier than your original bedtime in the winter. Changing your sleep schedule will beat the curve of the spring forward slump.

To practice this routine, start a week or days before the time jump to mold your body into the change. But if you don’t have time to do the adjustment, make time on the week of DST to make the change. Try to avoid technology or bright screens before you head to sleep for the night.

Drink tea, play soft sounds and turn off the light to get your body shifted for bedtime.  Getting your body centered and calm for bed is a routine that should a healthy routine in place already for the busy adult. Your body will thank you for the changes you created in March.

2. Spend more time outside.

Despite the intended sleep exhaustion, the beauty of DST is that the sun is out for longer at night. With the fall and winter, the evenings are cut short creating a sense of defeat and sadness.

According to Epidemiology Journal,  they reported that more hospitals has seen more depressive symptoms amongst patients as the fall season changed the time.

This triggers seasonal depression for everyone because it is dark out when you leave out of work or school and your energy becomes lower than before.

DST creates a new narrative where you have more time to put fun events into your schedule. The sun gives a boost of energy to anyone that suffers from low energy and stress.

Going outside with friends, family and yourself creates a sense of freedom and peace for everyone involved.

Taking a walk around the neighborhood or practicing meditation in the grass can release any negative feelings that are harboring inside.

3. Take it easy.

DST will cause exhaustion for healthy sleepers and poor sleepers alike. According to American Academy of Sleep Medicine, DST has harsh effects on the body that last for 5-7 days and it has increasing effects with individuals that get inadequate sleep.

During the week of DST pacing yourself is the best option. Take your time if you are operating any machinery for the week. Don’t pile on events or things on your to-do list because you can become overwhelmed and create more exhaustion for your body.

Pick the most urgent event or thing on the list and focus on completing it for the week. After completing the task, celebrate with one of your favorite activities, food or a nap. You can’t perform your best if you are not generally feeling well.


Overall, paying attention to your body during DST will help you navigate the week and season better.  Doing what is best for you will create the most abundance for your body and decrease stress with this body clock changing season. 


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