Times When Listening to Pop Music Can Only Boost Your Mood

Pop music has always gotten disapproving glances from those who like to prove their intelligence on a regular basis. It’s this self-made construct a lot of us have created that if we are smart or special enough, we would listen to more independent artists than popular tunes.

However, some of the greatest musical artists of all time have produced pop music. Elton John, Britney Spears, and Rihanna have all contributed to classic hits. These hits have shaped generations and made people crave nostalgia especially during quarantine.

If there are still speculators who think I have no evidence, I’ll tell some interesting facts about my best friend. He has a photographic memory, aces complicated video games, and holds an IQ of 165. Yet, he prefers dance music and specifically music from drag queens. It’s because it is feel-good music.

Here are situations in real life when pop music makes your endorphins only go up.

1. Exercising

It is a known fact that I can obsessed with obscure, sad music. However, I need the most enthusiastic pop music for any workout.

How somebody can do burpees without catchy rhymes and a dance beat is beyond my comprehension. It helps with building confidence, even when you carry none to begin with on a bad day.

With the upbeat pace and empowering lyrics that pop music provides, it should be obvious that it can also promote productivity. The music can help you to skyrocket in performance even if it is only for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

2. Cooking & Cleaning

You look at your other friends who have their 1,000 pillows organized for their home or have crazy passion for creating another recipe with kombucha. Then, you ponder how can they be so motivated to do those things. You can too with pop music.

Making your room look nice and tidy can be dreary under fluorescent lighting. Yet, with pop music playing in the background, you can have a mini dance break during the bridge. The music can change your moody tone drastically.

You may not go to the extreme of cooking food suited for those in Brooklyn, but the tunes can cause you to get into a certain rhythm for cooking. Also, at the end, you may end up with a recipe far better than what you initially imagined. Pop music is the ingredient that adds pep whether you feel happy to begin with or not.

3. Shopping

You know the type of music that I am talking about. It’s the type of music that everyone loves to hate but listen to avidly in secret. The shopping-at-the-mall music is known to all of us. If you’re not working a 9-hour shift at a fast fashion store, you should allow yourself to enjoy it.

Yes, it can be one of the many reasons why you go into a shopping spree. That’s why it is used by corporations. It is essential to a great, shopping experience. The actual shopping combined with that specific music can give many individuals such an incredible high.

It is a high I believe everyone should experience when you feel like you can rule anything and everything, even if you’re only shopping at H&M in a strip mall.


Finally, if you still have a predisposition to pop music, indie tunes are more popular than ever before. You’re not being different. Instead, you are not allowing yourself to have fun. Please be like everyone else and enjoy Top 40 happiness.

When you think back to the pre-pandemic times, what music would you play when you were having activities like pre-drinks with friends and were about to go to the club? Would you play Megan Thee Stallion or Phoebe Bridgers? Who seems more fun for pumping up the party? We all know the answer.

In this world where happiness can be hard to come by, playing a mega radio hit could be the highlight of your day that you need. Yes, I crave going back to Bon Iver every now and then, but also, it’s essential to have music that gets you through the week.


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