5 Ways To Emotionally Prepare For A Big Move

When you initially move, you’ll automatically feel accomplished and feel that you’re getting your life together. It’s even more encouraging when you get affectionate notifications and tearful goodbyes from your friends.

When you’ve actually arrived to the location you’ve been planning to move to, you may feel a little elated. However, after a few days, discouragement may settle in, doubt will be everywhere you turn, and you may feel entirely alone in a new environment.

Here is what to remember when preparing for a big move

1. The first few months will be the hardest.

Every day can be an accomplishment. This time is all about finding your new routine. You’ll have to figure out what grocery stores you should shop at, what kind of social life is out there, and how to commute without Google Maps.

Always remember there is no shame in calling your mother every few days, because adjusting is hard. In this difficult time, think back to why you came to this location and what motivated you to move. If this helps you feel better at all, then you should stick with it.

2. There will be a lot of small talk.

Yes, there will even be more than usual. You may have a strong temptation to try to trick people into thinking you’ve lived in the area for some time, but the residents will always figure out what your situation is.

Then, they’ll ask where you’re from, why you’re here, what job you have, and then try to relate to you by telling you that their third ex-girlfriend’s cousin has an uncle from that area.

It can be aggravating and it’ll come with an abundant dose of déjà vu. With many issues in life, just smile and nod. It can be difficult, but remember that reputation is everything especially when you move to a new area. 

3. Friends who you thought would always be there will drift away.

Loneliness can hit you like an express train and may leave you lying on the ground by yourself with many unanswered questions. When you leave your previous home, the initial thought is to continue to communicate through text, social media, or something else.

Weeks go by, and there’ll still interaction, but as months go by, it’ll decrease even with the occasional visits.

Then, more months will go by, and you’ll notice that they are not reciprocating anymore. Finally, years go by and you’ll notice their wedding photos without you being invited.

4. You may have to cut down on costs.

This is mainly suited for when the move is from a rural area to an urban area. You’ll realize this on the first day you explore the town, and then it’ll come in bursts when you look at your credit card activity.

Then, the small annoying budget cuts are in order. It’ll be about getting the generic brand of  Pop Tarts, living in a quarter-sized space, and not getting a special latte from the café that carries the giant plant displays.

The process is a shock, but with time, you’ll adjust and the shock will settle down.

5. You will start to notice your maturity level increasing.

Before you move away and into an unknown area, there is this one-sided perception of the world and how it works. After some time, your perception will become multi-faceted from what you have learned.

Wisdom will creep up into your life and growth will become inevitable. The same things that bothered you some months ago won’t bother you anymore.

People back home will get concerned about the most minute details that have little relevance. You will have finally gotten out of the bubble and notice more of the world for what it is.

In stealing from a TikTok video once again, loneliness can come when you are doing something right. That’s because you are venturing out from what is comfortable and wanting to better yourself.

If no one has given the preparation for you on how to do this, no need to worry. There are ways to learn how to do things and the Internet is full of how-to guides and advice. Even this article may help to some extent.

There may be many times when you will question whether what you are doing is sensible or not. You may receive discouragement from family or others and be encouraged to return home because they don’t think you can handle the new environment.

But this is a question that has to be answered internally because no one else truly knows. Regularly recognize what you absolutely want for your future, and let no one take that away.


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