Fun Games to Play with Your Graduate

Graduation season is upon us and your new graduate is probably excited to move on to their next stage in life.

The best way to show off their accomplishments is by having a graduation party with their friends and family. This will create new memories and can help them to enjoy time with their loved ones before they leave for the next journey.

Since the pandemic has kept everyone separated, it’s important that you make this graduation exciting and safe for all. Send out fun e-vites and create a fun playlist of the graduates’ favorite tunes. Then, gather food and drink options and the unforgettable games that everyone can play.

These graduation party games will bring excitement and be a good way to bond with everyone. But if you’re not sure which games to play, here are some to consider.

1. How Well Do You Know the Graduate?

Before the party, you can write down questions about the new graduate’s personality, hobbies, majors, and other themes on note cards. If you use the cards from Amazon, you don’t need to write your question because they are already formulated for you.

In the game, the new graduate will call out the questions for the loved ones to answer in 10 seconds. The winner of the game will receive bragging rights.

Materials: Notecards, whiteboards & markers or How Well Do You Know The Graduate? card on Amazon

2. Pin The Cap/Mask on The Grad

This is a rendition of the classic game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”

Print out a poster of the graduate and graduation cap photos. Then, hang it up on the nearest wall and blindfold the loved one. Spin them around three times and release them so they can place the graduation cap on the graduate’s photo.

This game is a fun twist that will bring back childhood nostalgia and test your senses. You can also play “Pin the Mask on the Grad” which is the same game under a different name and you can get this on Etsy.

The same directions apply but you are pinning the mask on the graduate. This silly COVID-19 based game will keep your guest laughing and entertained.

Materials: graduation cap, poster board of the graduate, push pins, and blindfold

3. Steal The Grad Hat

For active loved ones, this game will bring out their competitive spirit. Based on the game, “Steal the Bacon”, the goal is to see which team will bring the grad hat back to their side. 

First, each team will line up at a park, field, or preferred large space. Place the new graduate’s hat between the two teams. One player from each team is required to run and grab the cap back to their side without getting tagged. Whoever gets back to their side wins the game.

Materials: graduation hat, large space

4. Charades

This game is beloved at every party for all ages and it can be played on an app named Charades with many options. It can also be played by using themes.

In the game, everyone gets into teams and each team takes turns to act out a name, action, or phrase without talking so that their teammates can guess the word or subject.

To spice it up, you can improvise and act out the graduate’s actions, family members, cultural references, or anything else that you think of.


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