Staying Positive When You’re Between Jobs


Absolutely no one enjoys being unemployed. It’s a very vulnerable, uncertain, and stressful position to be in.

The pressure that comes from all the questions and doubts can spread like wildfire and can easily open the door to anxiety and depression.

While you try to stay on top of finding another job, hope seems to slowly fade away little by little. It’s a crucial time now, more than ever, to keep your chin up when the whole world appears to be working against you.

#1. Don’t focus on money.

The biggest reason that being unemployed leads to bad anxiety is most likely because you’re worried about the money. We all fear poverty, and the viable prospect of not having enough to comfortably live in the near future is definitely a scary thought.

But you cannot focus on this because you will become obsessed with money and viewing it as an end, when it’s only meant to be a mean. Fixate your eyes on other topics.

#2. Do not hide away in shame.

Unemployment can be fairly embarrassing, and you might have the urge to isolate yourself and avoid letting your friends know the truth.

But this is a time when you need your friends for support. If they are genuine friends, they will understand and help you out.

Perhaps one of them may even be able to fully empathize. Being alone will only make holding on to hope harder.

#3. Separate your worth from your job.

What you do at work does not define how worthy you are as a person. If you’re someone who puts your identity in your job, not having one will do a number on your pride and self-esteem. You need to keep who you are and what you do completely apart from each other.

#4. Peruse your work ethic and identify areas of growth.

Were there some things your former boss pointed out, which maybe played into your being unemployed? There could be some aspects of your work ethic that can use some growing and developing.

This wouldn’t be a bad idea before entering into another job and struggling with the same weaknesses because when you do get another job, you can start as a more refined employee.

There’s never a more opportune time for growth than when life is looking bleak.

#5. Don’t let yourself become idle.

You absolutely cannot spend your time sitting around having pity parties. Get up early, same time as you would when you were working, and keep busy.

Volunteering or interning is a great way to do that, and it’s something valuable you can add to your resume.

Besides spending your time filling out endless applications and job searching, do some things entirely unrelated to that such as a hobby you’ve wanted to pursue.

#6. Limit your foresight.

This season of life may feel like it will last forever and that you’ll never get out, but that’s far from true.

Just as the good times have come and gone, and have left good memories, the bad times will also go by, and they’ll leave behind lessons to be learned and help you become a stronger person.

During this time, try to take it day-to-day. If you look too far ahead in the future with your current circumstance in mind, you’ll just discourage yourself. Focus on one day at a time.


Nearly every single person has been between jobs at least once in their life and they have pushed through, so it’s nothing that you can’t get through.

More importantly than finding the next job, take care of yourself. That way when transitions happen, you’ll be capable of taking them on.

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