How to Embrace Being The Third Wheel

More likely than not, everyone will experience a point in their lives where all of their friends are in relationships and they are not.

When this happens, there is something else that you’ll experience and that’s called being the third wheel.

You’re probably thinking: who wants to hang out with a couple and have them act all lovey dovey in your face?

You may feel like it will only make you feel even more single and miserable. The good news is that being the third wheel doesn’t have to be horrible.

Here’s how you can embrace being the third wheel and make the most of it.

1. Create a friendship with your friend’s significant other.

If you establish a good friendship with your friend’s partner, hanging out with them will only be more fun!

This is the ideal situation and will make things less awkward and less like you’re fighting to get your friends attention.

2. Keep an open mind.

Being the third wheel is far from the worst thing in the world. Going into the situation with an open mind will make things a lot easier.

If you go into the situation thinking it will be terrible, it most likely will be! In reality, going out with a couple is the same thing as hanging out with two of your friends.

Obviously, the couple wants you there or they wouldn’t have invited you in the first place.

3. Tag along during times that you know won’t be super intimate.

Sometimes, hanging out with a new couple that is still in the honeymoon phase isn’t always the best idea.

If they are going to a movie on their first few dates, you may want to sit that one out. Always be sure to ask what you are doing beforehand.

You don’t want to get stuck in a situation that is super intimate because that will only make you feel more like a third wheel.

4. Make appropriate adjustments if you need to.

All this really means is that if you feel uncomfortable or can tell the hangout is getting intimate, let the couple have their moment and catch up with them later on.

If you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to leave or even make a comment. Just make sure you do it nicely.

5. Be fun!

When you are with the couple, show them that you are still a fun person and are doing just fine being single.

You should be happy for your friends if they are happy and they will do the same. Don’t forget to be chatty, engaging and your normal fun loving self!


I know being the third wheel may seem bad, but believe me, you are stressing out over nothing.

As long as you go into it with a positive outlook, are aware of the situations, and act like yourself, everything will be normal.

I promise you that after a while, it will feel no different than a normal hangout with friends!

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