10 Things To Do This Spring That You Haven’t Done Before

Spring brings along the perfect weather to do just about anything, no matter where you are. It’s the right time to try a new activity or hobby you might not have done before. After all, spring is all about new beginnings.

Some of these things you may have already done, but some you may have not. Now’s the time to try them out.

1. Take flowerbed portraits.

Find a patch of flowers and get out the camera. These pictures will be perfect for framing in the home or for family Easter cards. Spring is also the time for senior photos so get ready for a photo shoot.

2. Plant a garden.

Get your thumb a little green and plant some vegetables to grow and care for throughout the season. Then, enjoy your own homegrown salads. If you’re a little too doubtful with produce, try out a small flower garden to start.

3. Go horseback riding.

It’s a wonderfully relaxing and memorable experience. There’s nothing like the wind in your hair and going on a ride through the country.

4. Fly a kite.

Be a little old-school and get out a kite on a perfectly windy spring day. Once you get the hang of it, it’s surprisingly therapeutic and satisfying. Let’s not forget how perfect of an activity it is to do with kids.

5. Pick fruit at an orchard.

Fill some baskets at an apple orchard, or visit a strawberry farm and pick some fresh strawberries for those delicious spring fruit salads and desserts.

Make a round of different farms and orchards and gather a variety of fruits and vegetables, then enjoy the spring feast at your next gathering.

6. Visit local farmers’ markets.

It’s likely that your local farmer’s market goes on throughout the year.

But spring is the perfect season, weather-wise to stroll through and pick up some flowers for the kitchen table or some locally grown produce.

You might even discover a local creative artist and find a one-of-a-kind piece.

7. Marathon-watch Oscar-winning films.

With the Oscars in the near past, gather all the winners and check them out to discover just what made them so phenomenal enough to win. This would be a great spring break activity to do with your friends.

8. Go bird watching.

Even if you’re not into birds, it’s still a fun and interactive nature activity. If that’s not your thing, go searching for gemstones or insects, or find some perfect climbing trees and have an adventure.

9. Sleep under the stars.

Spring nights are heavenly, and sleeping under the stars is strangely magical. You can go sans tent, but in some places there are a lot of insects, so maybe you can camp out in the backyard.

10. Do some spring cleaning.

I would bet a majority of us don’t do this regularly every year.

However, it can be extremely therapeutic and overall beneficial to your life. I don’t just mean a basic clean up.

Spring cleaning involves deep cleaning and gutting spaces, simplifying and throwing out, and garage sales. Sweep out all the dirt from your life and start fresh.

Image: iStock

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