Is Smoking Like Eating Sugar? How Smoking in Moderation Can Be Beneficial

Obviously, smoking is tied to significant health risks. Lung cancer and commercials that show holes in the throat are both valid signs to stop the habit. The faded, old-school glamour of smoking cigarettes like Holly Golightly is completely extinct in America.

This topic was inspired by my trips to Europe and when I noticed that smoking is as popular as fast food. I noticed my classmates who did it and their skin was perfect.

I remember when I went to Italy that everyone smoked and yet, the country represents one of the longest lifespans globally. Something in the equation didn’t add up.

Why can’t sugar be compared to tobacco? They are both causes for millions of lives being gone. One has such a social stigma surrounding it, so why doesn’t the other?

Also, the activity of smoking has never fully gone away. Think about the more modern activities like ‘420’ and vaping. People do them all the time, but they still fall under the smoking category.

Here are 3 reasons why smoking could be used in moderation.

1. It can be used as an appetite suppressant.

There can be an argument saying that smoking should be given to those struggling with obesity. It makes sense given how people were reportedly thinner decades ago. It was probably because they smoked.

In observing the mid-2000s socialites, like Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan, they smoked and got really thin. Given what I know from studying my roommates’ and friends’ habits, it will not take away the temptation completely, but it can be a better alternative than diet pills that are illegal in the U.S.

2. It can help improve your mental health.

It can be argued that physical health is definitely at risk with smoking cigarettes, yet it can’t be argued well for mental health. The tobacco leaves offer relaxation and boosts a calming effect for the mind. It can help with anger issues, which most of us have from having to wait to get the vaccine.

The major takeaway is that smoking helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. The times where your mental health would be badly affected would be when the smoking would not be done in moderation.

3. It can reduce joint pain as you get older.

From the mainstream media angle, it would seem that smoking should be the arch nemesis of older people. Yet, smoking helps for a significant aspect particularly with blood flow. With blood flow increasing, muscle stiffness and joint pain are reduced.

For a strange, miscellaneous reason, knee replacement especially seems to have less of a possibility with smokers. Which one is cheaper? Is it periodically buying Marlboro or is it getting a knee replacement surgery that you have to financially take care of in a short amount of time?


In answering the initial question, sugar can definitely be as bad as smoking. However, it is a lot harder to stop eating sugar altogether because it is physically found everywhere. This is especially the case when you eat processed foods or go out to eat. Sugar seems absent until you read nutrition labels.

I admit to have socially smoked some self-rolled ones from time to time. It wasn’t a habit, but I sometimes did it when I chatted with friends or was insanely stressed. In complete honesty, it did make me feel better. I was able to continue being productive in other facets of my life.  

This topic goes back to the timeless concept that too much of anything will kill you. Smoking is an obvious culprit but so are many others. Tanning, dieting, and even drinking too much water can kill you.

If you are scared that smoking is just a habit, consider two things. First, ask the close people in your life how much you do smoke. Then, think what would happen if you didn’t have this object for a day. If it would be too crippling, then you would need to scale down.


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