Colors of Your Wardrobe and How It Can Affect People’s Perception of You

Even if you have many colors in your wardrobe with many shades, you always choose one color because you feel good in it.

Let’s be honest: if you were a color, you would be the one you always desire. Here’s how people may perceive you based on the color of your outfit.


Black is for people who want to be taken seriously. Research in the field of psychology says that this color indicates intelligence and power. For example, in many universities, the graduation gown is often black.

Black is the color if you want to go for a sophisticated look. Everybody should have that little black dress in their wardrobe. You can be seen as elegant, and also perceived as vital.


This color indicates balance. Adding this color into your outfit gives some equilibrium. It’s a great color that can complement strong or bright colored pieces when it comes to combining colors.

But adding too much grey to your outfit can give you a dull vibe. Try to only use it to appear confident and just like black, sophisticated. Adding neutral tones balances out every outfit.


When people wear blue, they transmit positivity and peace. It can make you look independent and brilliant. It can communicate to others that you are relaxed and that can make you approachable!

When this color is worn, it is perfect to wear in spring or summer because of its bright tone. It can be a refreshing color to wear after a long, cold winter.

But in the winter, it is better to go for deep blues. It feels dramatic but also keeps the independent vibe going on. If you prefer, you can use light blue to dim the effect.


Purple represents wealth and dismantles deep personality and a creative spirit because it’s an artistic color. Intense purple used to be the color of kings in the past. For centuries, this color gives an air of respect and royalty.


The color of passion! If you wear red often, that probably means you have an extroverted and outgoing personality. Having a red dress is always a great idea.

On some occasions, it is perfect because it makes you the center of attention. Red is ideal if you want to go for a sexy look. So, if this is the look you often go for, you are bold!


Wearing pink can make you look younger than you are. The lighter reds and pinks lower the red intensity mentioned before. Instead of sexiness, you transmit a fun and youthful energy.


The color speaks for itself. If you wear yellow, you may come off as a bright person. This color is also is very inspiring and can help to add positivity to someone’s life. Be that friend who wears yellow, because it may make someone feel better.


Wearing orange makes you feel like you are the party yourself. It is such an ambitious and a social color. This color can draw others to socialize with you. You will always make a statement because people will perceive you as an outgoing person. It is the perfect color for extroverted people.


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