3 Ways to Successfully Complete Your Goals

January 1st is the day where everyone washes off their New Year rendezvous scent and focus on their goals for the new year. They grab their vision boards and notebooks to jot and share their ideas with friends, families or themselves.

In 2021, everyone has high hopes to fulfill resolutions to gain autonomy against an uncontrollable 2020.

According to Discover Happy Habits, the highly requested resolutions for 2021 include exercising more and improving fitness (50% of participants), losing weight (48%), saving money (44%), and improving diet (39%).

However, how long does the motivation for completing these goals-completing last? Discover Happy Habits explained that at the six-month mark, only 4% of people who set resolutions were still successful from the 75% after the first week.

Many people don’t know how to keep working on their goals successfully because of stress, forgetfulness and incontinency.

But keeping your goals in mind will create more expansion for your life and there are ways to pace your goals to keep them successful throughout the year.

1. Frequently review and revise them.

Looking over your vision board or goal journal consistently will keep your resolution aligned.

Reviewing your goals can help you focus on what you have completed or on which ones you need to work on harder on. Sometimes, changing your mind about certain goals is to be expected and dropping some to focus on others is fine.

Meg Baker, director of UAB Employee Wellness explained, “The focus on self-improvement is good, an individual must be ready to make a change in order to actually do so.”

The beauty of change is that you can embark the journey anytime as you revise the goals implemented in earlier in the year.

In the end, creating goals that is realistic to your lifestyle helps you live the life that you desire for yourself. The simple act of rewriting them can keep its importance alive in your mind each day. 

2. Reward yourself when you complete a goal.

After every successful small or large goal, reward yourself by eating your favorite food, buying yourself something, or relaxing without an expectation. In a busy world, we forget to love and take care of ourselves because we haven’t fulfilled big goals.

Doing this gives your body the signal and understanding that you are loving and taking care of yourself. Never forget that no matter what path you are in, taking care of yourself is important.

3. Timing Is not key.

As fast-paced individuals, we want immediate validation for anything that we accomplish in this life. However, goals and resolutions don’t take a day to successfully complete and neither does writing it down on a list.

Making small changes to your routine and habits help to create a higher likelihood of successfully completing your goals. Moreover, it can be good to understand goals that can take months or years to complete because this can show the dedication and persistence you have in your journey.

It is not a race to reach the finish line or meant for you to speed through for validation. Giving yourself pace and grace will serve you better in the long run because you can have the ability to move around and not become stagnant. 


No matter how much you fail or complete on your resolution list, all that matters is that you saw changes that you wanted to see in yourself.

If you want to improve your situation, create small shifts to complete these resolutions. Pay attention to your mistakes and wins to keep moving through this path of improvement.


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  1. Great tips on how to stay on track! You’re right, I feel like a lot of us set goals and are very motivated and keen for a week or three, but then without consistent reminders of original goals, most of us probably start to forget feel like, “what’s the use??”


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