How to Motivate Yourself When Life Hits


That moment comes, often more than just once, when life throws you punch after punch, and you feel defeated. It becomes nearly impossible to be content or even at least tolerably happy.

It’s the perfect breeding ground for depression and low self-esteem. That, more than anything, is the one thing you can’t let happen, no matter how much you want to give up or give in.

There are ways to keep yourself going, and though at first it may be difficult, it’s not impossible.

1. Stay close to loved ones.

Supportive friends and family will help you during a time when you feel utterly alone. You’ll likely want to be a recluse and hide, but now more than ever is when you need to be with people.

2. Do what you love.

Interest in hobbies might falter when you’re down, but keep doing them.

Do the things that make you happy, and you’ll keep feeling happy. Force yourself to go out and have a mini-adventure now and then, even in the midst of crisis.

3. Get out!

Do not sit around the house in your pajamas, un-showered, un-groomed, emptying your snack pantry and wine supply. Even if you’re a homebody, you’ll feel like you’re going crazy.

Get yourself out of the house and go somewhere, even if it’s just to the nearby coffee shop or a walk in the neighborhood or to pick up some necessities at the store.

You don’t need a reason or a destination. The important thing is that you normalize your life as much as possible with occasional outings.

4. Read motivational books or watch an inspiring film.

It could be non-fictional or fictional. We connect with stories, especially stories that ring so close to our own.

This can help you not feel alone in the world, and it can be a worthy distraction to get your mind off your own problems. Isn’t that what stories are meant for, anyway?

5. Learn something new.

Teaching yourself a trade or picking up a new skill can be such a positive motivator, not to mention it gives you something to do.

Have you been wanting to learn French? Download some resources and go ahead! Interested in a particular sport? Get the gear and jump in! Want to develop your cooking skills? Look up some new recipes and go for it!

This can turn an otherwise negative season into one that you eventually won’t regret having, because it gave you the opportunity to learn something new.

6. Be healthy.

Negative times often bring about the temptation to let yourself go and not care about your overall health. Exercising and eating right not only helps you physically, but it does wonders to your mental health, which is what usually takes the hardest hit when life strikes.

Take further care of this part by considering visiting a counselor, if you see a need for it. Talking with accountable and trustworthy people can suffice too.

Just keep your health in mind when things are going south. It’s one of your most important assets, and you should never take it for granted.


Motivation can become a strange and foreign concept when life seems to be acting as your enemy, but don’t let go of it. It can feed hope, which is what you must hang on to more than anything else during the hard times.

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